What to Eat to Look and Feel Fabulous to Ring In 2017

If you haven't heard of the fitness phenomenon that is F45, it's time to tune in. Not only does the program provide group training benchmarks, which have proven results, but it also establishes an eating plan designed to help detox the body—because you can't have one without the other. 

For the curious, My Body + Soul, is breaking down the details of the eight week exercise and food plan, which is split into three increments; the ‘Alkalizing Detox Phase,’ the ‘Define Muscle Phase’ and the ‘Fat Shredding Phase.’

The first phase, which focuses on alkalizing the body, as better described by the app to "stimulate fat burn, reduce inflammation, enhance calcium and magnesium levels, improve cellular health and increase energy production in the body.” This is a fitting first step as it acts as a full-body detox in enhancing liver function, promoting healthy bowel movement, reducing inflammation, and the like. 

Coupled with exercise, the alkaline diet supports detoxification through promoting daily intake of "lean white meats, fresh vegetables, complex carbohydrates, healthy oils, and raw nuts and seeds." Even if you're not interested in signing on for the full eight-week challenge, sticking to these food guidelines is a good outline for anyone looking to get on the right track with a detox diet. For a full typical days menu, head over to My Body + Soul.

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