Want to Declutter? Toss This From Every Room of Your Home

Emily Henderson

Decluttering is no easy task, especially if you're going full Marie Kondo and really taking on each and every single item in every single room. After hours of cleaning and asking yourself if each object "sparks joy," though, you may find yourself hitting a wall rather than getting any tidying done. Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, the co-founders of Studio Life.Style spilled their secrets for quick decluttering with Well+Good, for when you don't have the time or energy to commit to the KonMari method. To streamline your spring-cleaning, Wollack and Zwickl have narrowed down the one thing to toss from every room of your home. We've highlighted our top picks here so you can get to cleaning out clutter.

Living room: coffee table clutter. The coffee table is the centerpiece of your living area, where you gather around and set your drinks. Keep it clear of anything but what's meant to be there adorning it and you'll instantly find your living room looks more polished and in less disarray.

Kitchen: stand-alone trash can. Wollack and Zwickl recommend stowing your trash out of sight. "We find it to be more aesthetically pleasing and guest-conscious to hide [a trash can] in a cabinet or pull-out drawer," notes Wollack.

Bathroom: excessive storage cabinets. The bathroom often takes some considerable editing before it's truly organized. As you toss expired or redundant beauty products, do away with plastic organizers you've accumulated simply to manage your mess. As you audit, reduce your collection down to the essentials that fit within the bathroom's existing cabinets.

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