8 Things Smart People Do Before Buying a Car

Just like any other large purchase or investment, buying a car can be daunting—especially for first-timers. Sure, you may be envisioning driving off into the sunset in a luxury convertible, but the reality of budgets and needs could paint an entirely different picture. Even though the car-buying process is generally straightforward—do your due diligence, calculate your budget, and negotiate adequately—there’s a lot more to being a savvy car shopper than just nailing the basics. 

To help you conquer your next search, we tapped Rebecca Lindland, senior director and executive analyst at Kelley Blue Book, to give us some lesser-known car-shopping hacks that will shed dollars off your next purchase. With a dozen personal car purchases under her belt and much more analysis knowledge from her role at Kelley Blue Book, Lindland knows a thing or two we certainly didn't about buying a car. Do you calculate your car's five-year cost to own? Do you walk into negotiations with preapproved financing? With these car-buying hacks, you'll never walk out of your dealership with buyer's remorse. 

Next up: seven smart things people do when negotiating for a car.