Affordable Fashion-Editor Approved Items to Wear to Your Next Interview

Updated 10/21/18
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Job Interviews are never easy. Not only do you have to perfect your pitch, but you also have to consider so many other elements: Body language, strengths weaknesses and accomplishments to date. But while the art of persuasion is important, so too is the unsaid (read: Your outfit) and making sure you ooze professionalism and efficiency, without needing to say anything at all. An expert at interviewing potential candidates is our editorial director, Amanda Bardas, who seamlessly intertwines burgeoning trends with office-appropriate attire from Monday to Friday.

But while dressing yourself head-to-toe in the latest trends may be the dream, often our bank accounts don't allow for an entirely new outfit. Looking to make a lasting impression at your next interview at an affordable price? Scroll on for Bardas' top suggestions, and why they made the cut.


Hansen and Gretel Marjorie Check Blazer $319

"While $320 might seem steep, a well-structured blazer is an office essential, and it’s always worth spending a little more for quality fabrications and cut. This checked blazer is on trend, but when paired with a classic white rollneck or shirt, it’s perfect for a job interview. Then, you can wear it on weekends over a black shift dress and ankle boots. Win-win." 


Glassons Resin Handle Tote Bag $45

"Believe it or not, an interview outfit doesn’t just stop at what you’re wearing. Accessories are important, too. A clean, tidy bag is essential—it shows you pay attention to detail. If your current handbag looks a little worse for wear, it’s worth finding an affordable option that will ensure you look well presented."


Glassons Merino Roll Neck Top $40

"Skype interviews are becoming more of a thing, and my advice is to keep it simple. A streamlined turtleneck is no-fuss, and keeps focus on your actual interview." 


Uniqlo Soft Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt $50

"The ultimate interview staple—a collared shirt. A white option is the obvious choice, but I’d opt for beige, paired with navy cigarette trousers and a camel coat."


Zulu & Zephyr Zuma Knit Tee $100

"A classic white tee is the perfect layering tool to wear under a blazer. This one has the added benefit of being a lightweight knit, so a cold meeting room won’t throw you off your game."

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