This Is Exactly What Victoria's Secret Models Eat After Working Out

Updated 05/30/19
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Being genetically blessed with a runway-ready body and the ability to tolerate grueling workout schedules are just a few qualities that help make Victoria's Secret models so successful. (A lightning-fast metabolism also doesn't hurt, either.) Following a mindful diet is also key to staying in shape, and one celebrity trainer who's worked with his fair share of models shares that even the most genetically gifted benefit from a tailored eating plan and exercise combination."Most all models are super conscious of what they eat," says Michael Blauner, who's trained Victoria's Secret models for the lingerie brand's annual fashion show. He tells PopSugar that "no matter how young or genetically blessed one is, you still should be super in control of what you eat to look that spectacular."

When all eyes will be glued to the runway, top models like Adriana Lima, Amber Valletta, and Bella Hadid also enlist the holistic guidance of nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler. Dr. Passler revealed to InStyle magazine in 2017 that the biggest preparation tool when gearing up for an event as high-profile as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is mindset. Therefore, he asks all of his clients the same question, "Are you willing to follow an eating program designed for you and put in the time at the gym to make it happen?"

In the days leading up to the fashion show, his nutrition recommendations get strict. They look like the following: Consume nothing with sugar, or processed foods, no alcohol, carbs only before exercise, no carbs 3-5 days before the show, he tells InStyle. Why no carbs? Carbs hold onto water and prevent the lean look that is needed, Dr. Passler says. Beyond a deliberate nutrition regimen, Dr. Passler also advises 7-8 hours of sleep, lots of water (2-4 liters), and stress management activities like massage or meditation.

When carbs are on the table, Dr. Passler explains that "protein is needed to support muscle, dietary fats are needed to provide sustained energy and carbohydrates are needed to provide energy to exercise. Meals are best to have protein and fats, carbs are best to be consumed pre-workout to provide the energy needed to engage in intense exercise," he tells InStyle.

Before a show, Passler tells Insider that models will opt for vegetables as their carb of choice (green beans and eggplant, for example) as they won't cause the blood sugar to spike like other high-glycemic carbohydrates might, like white bread. Foods with a lower glycemic index, says Passler, is important for maintaining steady energy levels, which models need to strut the runway.

Immediately after workouts, Blauner tells PopSugar that these are the snacks Victoria's Secret models turn to:

  • A cup of nuts and dried fruits
  • Low-fat yogurt mixed with a handful of cereal
  • Two hard-boiled eggs and a few crackers
  • A couple ounces of grilled steak, chicken, or fish
  • High-quality, low-sugar protein shake (or bar)
  • Lots of fruit

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