6 Things Your Boss Always Notices About You (Even If Your Office Is Casual)

Updated 04/04/18
Talisa Sutton

No matter how casual your office setting, the higher ups are most likely evaluating you and your colleagues day-in and day-out. While work performance is obviously paramount, how you fit into the office culture is likely just as important to your boss or manager. Most importantly, your boss is still human and therefore not immune to personal biases and opinions, meaning you should always do your best to be yourself and make a good impression. As PopSugar reports, your boss likely observes the following six things about you on a regular basis:

1. What time you arrive to the office. There's a big difference between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., and your boss most likely makes a note of when you tend to get to the office. Make a point to come in at the same time every day, and let your boss know if you're going to be late for any reason.

2. How late or early you leave. The same goes for the end of the day. A 10 a.m. start time may be offset by a 7 p.m. end time, for example, whereas starting late and leaving early is cause for concern.

3. The way you dress. Dress code varies from office to office, and the rise of startup culture has made the standard jeans and a T-shirt much more acceptable. With that said, the way you present yourself at work will always be important; make sure you're dressed to impress, whatever that means in your work environment.

4. How you're using technology. Depending on your industry, you may have the entire internet at your fingertips on your work computer. Whether or not you're using your ample resources as intended, and by extension, maintaining productivity, is top of mind for higher-ups.

5. The words you use. As with dress codes, startups and non-client-facing industries have made many office environments decidedly more casual. But that doesn't mean you should be cursing constantly or using inflammatory language. What's more, the use of self-defeating, undermining language could also be a red flag to your boss, so try your best to cultivate a confident persona.

6. If you're fitting in to the office culture. Whether or not you gel with your co-workers is an important part of the professional experience. Make an effort to attend work events or happy hours; your boss wants to see that you're the right fit for the team.

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