Video Chatting With Your Australian Friends is About to Get a Lot Easier

There was a time when I was addicted to the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. I was madly in like with a Scottish golf pro who lived in Southern Spain. I lived in San Francisco, so we communicated constantly through the app. This was pre FaceTime and while we had regular Skype dates, it would have been nice to video chat by smartphone. Now it seems this could be possible in the near future. The Next Web is reporting that the WhatsApp team is hoping to launch video calls soon. “It’s pretty barebones,” explains Napier Lopez, “only providing the option to switch between your front and rear cameras or muting the microphone, and should work over both Wi-Fi and mobile data.” WhatsApp is also testing multiple chats with browser-style tabs for quickly switching from one chat to the next. The video chatting is definitely exciting news if you have friends and family members who are overseas.

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