Book Holiday Travel at This Time for the Cheapest Flights Possible

With the holiday season right around the corner, we've begrudgingly accepted the fact that it's time to start booking travel. Since gift-giving is already hard enough on our wallets, we're trying to refrain from shelling out $800 for a last-minute flight home—a goal that travel app Skyscanner is fully on board with. Using its 2015 pricing data as a guide, Skyscanner has identified the cheapest possible times to book your travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve:

For Thanksgiving: Book your flight the week of October 31 (there's still time!) for up to 7.73% savings.

For Christmas: Booking the weekend of November 21 will save you up to 6.41% for a Christmas flight.

For New Year's: The week of December 5 promises savings of up to 10.57% for New Year's Eve celebrations.

When do you usually book your holiday travel? Share your approach in the comments below.