We Asked, You Answered: This Is When to End a Relationship

How do you know when to call it quits? Breaking up is never easy, and figuring out when to end it is half the battle. Sure, there are some relationship deal breakers that can make the decision a bit clearer, but in our experience, not all relationships have a clear-cut ending. When you've dedicated a significant amount of time to building something with someone, it can be difficult to decipher between the signs of going through a rough patch and drifting apart.

Because matters of the heart are complicated, to say the least, we asked MyDomaine's readers to weigh in on when to end a relationship. And we were blown away by the insightful advice shared by our Instagram followers, so we knew we had to share their wisdom with you. Keep scrolling for sage advice from our readers on when to end a relationship.

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"When it seems like only one person is making sacrifices in the relationship, and even after constant confronting, the other takes advantage." — @koms92

"When you make your own future life plans without considering them." — @mervekermaci

"When the conversations feel one-sided, you know the other person is just not into it." — @homesavvyyou

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"When you're more concerned about going through a breakup than losing the person." — @beethomp

"The first time during a relationship that you think, 'I don't wanna see her today' (just because), that's when you should consider [ending] the relationship." — @jimmypob

"When you can go a full day [without] that person even entering your mind." — @joelalexvalen90

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"A relationship, for me, is over when every personality trait I found cute or interesting [becomes] everything that really [upsets] me. I see no reason to continue a relationship if the reasons that connected me with a person no longer exist." — @meliandcinnamon

"When they stop being consistent with how they treat you." — @rahiella

"When the person you are in a relationship no longer wants to work together as a team, and they only consider themselves and their feelings. That's pretty much a deal-breaker." — @venesajco

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"When the bad parts of the relationship start to change the person you are in a negative way." — @mrsamandamott

"You end the relationship the moment you betray yourself by giving up who you are to become someone they want you to be in order to like or love you. The moment they do anything to disempower you, you end it." — @silvieceliz

"There's a familiar pit that forms in the bottom of my gut. I feel it every time I'm around them. It's like a ball of guilty energy because I know the inevitable." — @jesslopez_

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"When the angry and sad moments become more frequent than the happy moments." — @noa_guttman

"When there is no respect left." — @irmakgezmis

Ed. note: Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

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