How to Know When You Should Find a New Job

If you’ve been with your company for a few years, have made some rewarding career accomplishments and lasting working relationships, but are now feeling unchallenged, it might be time to think about moving on. “The decision to leave shouldn’t be taken lightly,” writes Edward Fleischman in a Fortune article, “Therefore, it’s vital to balance your instinct to quit with a measured approach in order to avoid making a hasty decision you might regret down the line.”

It doesn’t matter why you are feeling career stagnation, what matters is whether or not you want to stay with your company. Fleischman recommends making a list of pros and cons. Take your time with the list, and keep it on hand for about a month. Then sit down and evaluate the list. If the pros outweigh the cons—“not just in terms of quantity, but how important each is to your long-term career success”—then start your job search and use your list to aid in the search.

“Look through job descriptions for your top-ranked pros from your current role, and be sure to look out for any red flags that remind you of the reasons why you are leaving your job,” advises Fleischman. Take the time to reflect on both the negative and the positive to ensure you end up finding a new position that will lead to career success and workplace happiness.

Writing out a pros and cons list is easy with this bright-pink paper pad

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