13 Artworks That Will Add Instant Character to Your Walls


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

If you’re looking to update your apartment but don’t have much room to play with, we’ve found the ultimate transformative tool: art. An abstract painting can add powerful texture and color while a fine-art print or limited-edition photograph can bring much-needed visual interest to any space. Whether you hang it up or lean it against the wall like the cool kids, art is a reflection of your personality and tells a story about who you are to those who visit, much in the way clothing does.

Now that you’re interested, where do you start? The experts at online gallery Tappan Collective say we should focus on emerging artists and different mediums to grow a diverse and unique collection over time. “When you start looking for pieces, trust what you’re drawn to and know that your taste will evolve,” they tell MyDomaine. To get you started, we compiled 13 of our favorite affordable works from print to photography and painting. Happy collecting.