People Who Fidget Are Smarter and Calmer

Updated 06/05/17

There's a new habit-former on the block and it looks like something out of the future. Just like a stress ball but with less aggressive squishing, the fidget spinner is the latest escape for busy individuals in times of high stress. Well and Good reported that the fidget spinner was initially created as a tool for ADHD sufferers, and it quickly gained popularity in school playgrounds. From there, they've now found their way into a cubicle near you.

The handheld gadget is now extremely popular among the office workers and can create a hypnotic-like trance—perfect for clearing your mind when your boss just booked an emergency one-on-one meeting. "When you're feeling overwhelmed and your brain is too frazzled to keep working, you could use the spinner for a minute as a brain-clearing exercise," says psychologist and mindfulness expert Dr. Erin Olivo. So, take your pick from one of the chic spinners below, drop it into your Oroton bag, and get spinning to avoid a spin-out.

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Aus Electronics White LED Light Fidget Spinner $10

Lights, spin, relax.

Mooloola Fidget Spinner $5

Because you can't go wrong with black.

Spin Toys Australia Metal Panda $20

How could you not feel happy seeing this adorable face?

Spin Hero Torqbar Spinner $15

This one even fits in your pocket.

Would you use the fidget spinner? Let us know in the comments below. Or read more about overcoming stress in the office.

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