Which Canadian City Should You Live in, Based on Your Personality?

Updated 10/23/17
Janet Kwan/500px

Americans had been joking about immigrating to Canada for a while now in the face of this uncertain political climate—but even the Canadian government couldn't have predicted what happened mid–election night. As the Canadian immigration website crashed, the appeal of moving in with our northerly neighbors became a little too real. This overwhelming influx of traffic to the site was a clear indication of how many people are feeling about the next four years. But what does living in Canada actually look like?


Beyond having a hunky prime minister with strong feminist views and a penchant for maple syrup and donuts, Canada is a peaceful, tolerant, and beautiful—albeit a little cold—country, not without its differences. Would you prefer the quaint cobblestoned streets of Montréal or the high rises of Toronto? Would you rather have the lakes of the east coast or the mountains of the west at your fingertips? Answer a few questions to find out.

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