How to Decorate Like a Parisian, According to the Dreamiest French Hotels

Every September, the cobbled streets of Paris are pummeled with the pitter-patter of six-inch heels as editors, stylists, bloggers, and It girls flood the city for Paris Fashion Week. But while other peoples' eyes are on what they're wearing, our focus is on where they're staying. As with their penchant for spotting next season's trends, we've noticed that fashion's elite are particularly adept at discovering the most stylish boutique hotels in the city. 

Curious to find out where It girls check in during Paris Fashion Week? We've found five stunning French hotels beloved by front-rowers for their elegant interiors, carefully styled bedrooms, and irresistible charm. And if you're not planning a sojourn to the City of Lights, there's still a way to embrace Parisian style without the airfare. Take inspiration from these stunning boutique hotels and follow our tips to decorate your home like a French girl.