10 Chic Places to Travel While the Dollar Is Strong

Good news for Americans: The U.S. dollar is crushing other currencies around the globe. With the dollar gaining against almost all worldwide currencies and hotel room rates down significantly across the globe, we Yankees now have greater buying power in many destinations that were previously cost-prohibitive for the budget traveler.

Europe in particular is a great region to visit this year, as the dollar is worth 21% more than it was a year ago against the euro. There are a number of European nations that have been fairly affordable to visit for some time, so today we’re focusing on those that have newer appeal. Notably absent from this list are Russia (whose currency is down 45% from 2014) and Ukraine (down 38%). In terms, they’re a major steal to visit right now, but given current political situations—and a travel warning in Ukraine—it’s not advised.

Read on for 10 very fabulous destinations you should visit this year while the dollar is hot!