Confirmed: This Is the Healthiest Milk for Your Coffee Order

Updated 05/06/19

How do you take your coffee? If you're not taking it black, the milk you're adding to it can instantly take your morning cup of joe from healthy to harmful. In other words, not all milks are created equal. There's long been a debate about which milk is best for your health. Soy came in and out of fashion as an alternative to cow milk, and now nut milks are widely available for many individuals looking for a dairy alternative.

But how do each of these compare? U.S. News & World Report recently sought to find out which type of milk is healthiest, and its findings may have you reconsidering your milk go-to. We've highlighted what the magazine has to say about each option so you can make an informed decision about what exactly you're adding to your daily brew. Comparing milk variations by calories, total fat, saturated fat, protein, sugar, and calcium, the report gave a concise nutrient breakdown for each option.

Cow's milk is packed with essential nutrients, but it also comes loaded with sugar and saturated fat. Many also suffer from intolerance to animal milk, so while consuming nonfat or 1% milk is recommended, not everyone has that option.

Sweetened versions of any milk (as is often the case of soy or nut milks) are not doing your body any favors. Nixing the added sugar, cashew boasts the fewest calories but provides little in terms of protein.

Rice and soy are relatively high in calories and low in protein, and the health benefits of soy have been in question for some time.

Overall, unsweetened almond milk boasts the second fewest calories after cashew yet provides more calcium than cow's milk and more protein than rice or cashew. With no sugar and the lowest fat count behind unsweetened cashew and nonfat milk, unsweetened almond milk is the healthiest choice.

Get even more inspiration for making your cup of brew healthier by discovering exactly how the world's healthiest people take their coffee.

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