18 Kitchens That Prove White Appliances Can Be Chic and Modern

white kitchen with appliance and black accents

D Burns Interiors

For a while now, stainless steel appliances have been the premier design choice for modern kitchens. They're shiny, sleek, and match with basically everything. But they do have their downsides as well (fingerprint marks, anyone?). That's why we're thrilled that there's a new rising trend that gives stainless steel a break from the throne. Yes, we're talking about white appliances.

These appliances are anything but old-fashioned. They no longer look like what you might have found in your mom's old suburban home. These white appliances are giving kitchens modern upgrades: from clean, all-white everything interiors to cafe-inspired brass detailing and, of course, a hint of retro (but so completely mod) Smeg appliances.

In an effort to get inspired for a kitchen makeover of our own, we went to Instagram (as well as some of our favorite designers) to search through all the #kitchenideas and #kitchensofinstagram. Ahead, we've gathered up 18 of our favorite kitchens bearing white appliances.

Scroll through to get inspired for your own kitchen upgrade, and trust us, these white appliances will make you want to immediately toss out that old stainless steel.

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Think Neutral

kitchen with warm wood roof and exposed beam in cabin, skinny white fridge in nook

Design: Cozy Rock Cabin/Photographer: Anton and Natalie Creative

Unlike bedrooms or living rooms, kitchens are easiest kept neutral. This color palette keeps the white fridge looking fresh with complimentary black, cream, and rustic silver. Plus, the wooden exposed beams and framework around the windows bring in an element of nature that would otherwise be amiss in such a modern design.

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Get That Squeaky Clean Feeling

all white kitchen appliance and small tile backsplash

D Burns Interiors

White appliances exude an appearance of cleanliness (even if you haven't wiped down the surfaces in a few weeks). This kitchen does exactly that with all-white cupboards, a pristine white Smeg fridge, and a simple (but oh-so-chic) minicircle backsplash. Is it clean, is it dirty? We'll never know for sure.

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Embrace the Bohemian

kitchen with boho element and white appliances


In an increasingly modernized world of interior design, sometimes it’s difficult to strike the right balance between trendy and handmade. This kitchen somehow pulls it off. The all-white interior is incredibly modern, but the statement lights, pattern floor runner, wood floors, and plenty of plants in wicker baskets somehow reel it in—making it much cozier and home-like.

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Think Minimalist

Kitchen with gold stools, black counters, white cabinets and fridge

D Burns Interiors

A sleek white kitchen with minimalist accents is always a gorgeous sight to us. We love how the white island, upper cabinets, drawers, and double door fridge line the space to create a larger appearance, while the black backsplash and black counters help ground the space. The open panels on the upper cabinets showcase a few select dishes, and the small amounts of dećor displayed around the room prove that a simple color palette is a great way to go.

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Go Classic With Tiles

kitchen with white subway tile backsplash and white stove

D Burns Interiors

A few years ago, it felt like we couldn’t go anywhere without being bombarded with subway tiling. Now, it’s considered an absolute classic. Here, the white stove and smaller countertop appliances seamlessly blend with the white tiling in a way that feels completely modernized.

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Accentuate With Backsplash

white kitchen with fridge and unique tile backsplash

Erin Williamson Design

Speaking of tiling, white isn’t the only way to go. Here, we love the idea of coordinating a colorful graphic-printed backsplash with white accents: from the larger counter with stovetop to the small plants and upper cabinets. The flow of energy feels fresh, not overwhelming like some graphic tiles might seem. 

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Add a Small Dose of Color

kitchen with white backsplash, teal lower cabinets, older style white stove

Taylor and Taylor_

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine kitchen color palettes as anything but neutral—especially when you’re working with white appliances. But bright colors, especially on cabinetry and walls, can be just as great. This rich emerald green color is perfect for adding elegance and intrigue to an otherwise neutral scheme.  

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Mix and Match Appliances

kitchen with white smeg fridge and palge blue cabinets with silver oven

Designed by Velinda Hellen for EHD/Photo by Sara Tramp

There seems to be an unwritten rule stating that all appliances have to be the same color. But we say: break the rules. Why not mix white appliances with black and stainless steel? This kitchen wouldn’t have the same ambiance if it weren’t for the contrast between the cream fridge and black oven.

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Bring in the Old

kitchen, old stove with black hardware

Sandra Morgan Living

It's true what they say: what's old will become new again. Vintage styles and textures are a staple many embrace, in more ways than one. This gorgeous European-inspired kitchen has dozens of intentional, lovely aspects that we can't help but admire—but the range stove truly is the star of the show. Italian made, and with the perfect dose of nostalgia, the white stove truly proves how classic white appliances can be.

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White Everything Out

all white kitchen with black accents and a blue rug

D Burns Interiors

When in doubt, white it all out (or at least, mostly). Every touch in this kitchen is placed with such intentionality: from the subway tiling to the dual door fridge placed right in the center of the back wall, to the oven and cabinets. With the exception of the blue floor runner and a few hardware options, white is all you can see.

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Hide Your Fridge

white kitchen with hidden fridge

Work Your Closet

We completely understand that finding an attractive-looking white appliance is easier said than done. That’s why we love the simplicity of this hidden fridge: the french-doored appliance is hidden behind white paneled cabinets. A very cool party trick, if you ask us.

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Add Some Brass

white kitchen with copper pots and pans hanging on bar above the stove

Milk and Honey Life

There’s something about white that pairs flawlessly with brass, gold, and silver details. That’s why this kitchen works so well. The white over paired with the black and silver range already creates a polished look, but paired with the brass and copper kitchen accessories hanging above it? The upgrade looks expensive without trying too hard.

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Match Up Appliances

white oven and microwave kitchen appliances

Claudia Pakes

Who says stoves and fridges are the only white appliances that are allowed? This matching microwave and stove radiate a cooler white tone that makes the kitchen space cohesive. Add in the gray and white chevron tile backsplash and the results speak for themselves.

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Mix in Marble

marble counter and walls with hidden fridge

Marie Flanigan Interiors/Photographer: Julie Soefer

Granite countertops no longer reign king. Now, it’s all about butcher block and marble. We tend to go for the latter—especially against polished white cabinets, white french-door fridges, and natural hardwood flooring.

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Think Wood Accents

kitchen with open white shelving, wooden counters, smeg white fridge

Designed by Jess Bunge for EHD/Photo by Sara Tramp

It’s easy to automatically associate maple or oak cabinets and white appliances with the early 2000s. But in a kitchen with mixed woods, open shelving, and chrome accents, it’s anything but. We love the displays of dishes and wickers baskets, and naturally, the white fridge is a perfect addition to the cozy yet bright atmosphere this kitchen radiates.

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Bring in Contrast

kitchen with terracotta tiles and white fridge

Erin Williamson Design

While an all-white kitchen is a standout in its own right, we love the way white appliances look when juxtaposed against a darker backdrop. These old school tiles that make up one full wall of this kitchen create the perfect background for the white cabinets and retro-style refrigerator to pop. The rest of the white features in this room get similar treatment: the white ceiling paired with exposed wooden beams and the island with brown wicker chairs nestled behind all create stunning contrasts.

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Showcase Your Appliances

white fridge surrounded by multiple cabinets

Claudia Pakes

With white appliances coming back into style, why not show them off? This gorgeous two-door fridge with bottom freezer and brass pulls deserves to be showcased, and it properly is by being surrounded by subtle white cabinets all the way around that don't deter any attention away. It truly is a piece you don't want to take your eyes off of.

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Add Them Into Transitional Spaces

white smeg fridge with green desk with drawers and built in sink

Katie LeClercq

When you're working with a transitional space, white appliances can work as a perfect opportunity to tie themes and palettes together. This kitchen also functions as a workspace and boasts a long table, a green dresser turned into a handy sink, and naturally, a white Smeg fridge that doesn't look out of place in any way. The added abstract wire light fixture in black is a lovely bonus touch.

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