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12 White Christmas Tree Ideas That Look Absolutely Flawless

White christmas tree in boho house

Nayla Smith

There are two types of people in this world: those who count the months until they can smell a real-life pine tree in their living room, and those who pop a faux version out of a box—and not just a faux version, but a white one at that! If you consider yourself the latter, scroll through for 13 ideas to spruce up that white Christmas tree you have sitting in your garage.

If you're used to the real thing, allow us to convert you to its reusable counterpart. From rainbow variations to white-wonderland themes, and vintage-inspired masterpieces, we can't think of a better way to deck the halls than with these white Christmas tree design ideas.

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Head Into the Woods

White Christmas Tree

The Calvert Cottage

Whether you're craving a cabin getaway or you live year round in the mountains, a woodsy theme is a neutral-lover's dream. A curation of pine cones, twine details, and wooden accessories pop against a white Christmas tree and don't clash with your modern aesthetic. Plus, it creates that woodsy escape we all want this winter.

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Make It Match

White christmas tree in boho house

Nayla Smith

Regardless of your personal style, your Christmas tree is an extension of your home décor. The easiest way to create a cohesive look is to incorporate colors from around your room into your holiday setting. This white Christmas tree looks right at home in this eclectic living room, thanks to the addition of blue, red, and pearly ornaments hung throughout.

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Let It Snow

White Christmas tree

Deco Dulce Hogar

If you have a traditional green tree sitting in a box, don't feel the need to replace it if you want to get in on the white tree action. Instead of tossing out your favorite faux fir, pick up a can of faux snow to give it a brand new look.

If you love the smell of a fresh-cut tree but prefer the look of white branches, flocking also works on real trees too. This way, you get the best of both worlds!

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Keep It Simple

white christmas tree

Ms Tashy

White Christmas trees are so stunning on their own, you don't need a whole lot to make it look festive. A few woodsy ornaments brings the winter feeling, some metallic gold adds some shine, and a star on top makes it look traditional. We even love how simple the brown craft gift wrapping paper looks under the tree.

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Swap Pine for Birch

White Christmas tree


While we're used to seeing the traditional pine tree during Christmastime, that doesn't mean you can't create an abstract take on the age-old look. This white winter birch tree with exposed branches looks festive with white lights, yet still boasts a minimal vibe with white ornaments.

And the best part is you can keep the tree up after the holidays (without the lights, ornaments, and gifts) and use it as a home décor staple.

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Swap Christmas Ornaments for Flowers

White Christmas trees


When it comes to Christmas décor, there's no reason you can't think outside the glass ornament box. Gather items from around your home to make a tree feel truly yours. We love the look of these pastel-colored faux flowers to bring a springy feel to this white winter tree.

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Go With White on White

White Christmas tree


The thought of adding white ornaments on a white tree may sound simple, but we love this achromatic pairing. White lights brighten things up, white and clear ornaments add texture, and silver additions bring the shine. You'd be surprised how much of an impact a white-on-white tree really brings.

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Go Boho

White Christmas trees


If your home boasts neutral tones and boho vibes, your Christmas tree can fit right in without throwing off your perfectly curated aesthetic. Insert pampas grass and neutral-colored palm fans into a white tree and top the look off with white and tan ornaments.

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Take Off to the Space Age

White Christmas trees


Take your Christmas tree décor out of this world with a vintage space-age theme. The addition of metallic accents and space-themed ornaments, like space ships, stars, and UFOs, make this tree a unique addition for living rooms and playrooms alike. A DIY space-themed tree skirt and astronaut take on Rudolph and a nutcracker tie it all together.

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Embrace the Pampas Trend

pampas grass christmas tree

Flaura Botanica

Groomed to be a major trend this season, the pampas grass Christmas tree is the most interesting take on a white tree yet. DIY your own version of this glamorous holiday staple by inserting stems of pampas grass and attaching them to the base of a faux pine tree.

A string of lights adds a twinkle, but you can pass on the ornaments.

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Make It Freshly Squeezed

White Christmas trees

A fresh theme if we've ever seen one, these sliced orange ornaments add a sunny twist to traditional Christmas décor—and it's the perfect way to give new life to produce that's close to expiration. Slice an orange or lemon in thin slices and dehydrate them in the oven or let them dry out on a baking rack over several days. Use ribbon or twine to attach them to your branches. Finish the look with leaves and whole lemons and oranges—real or faux look just as juicy.

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Opt for Rainbow Accents

White Christmas trees


The best thing about a white Christmas tree is it works as a plain canvas—the possibilities truly are endless when you don't have to think about clashing shades. We love this rainbow-themed fir that utilizes ribbon and ornaments to create a graduating color story. The best part is you can reuse Christmas ornaments of all colors from years past to recreate this look.