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75 White Dining Room Ideas That Are Far From Bland

white dining room

Calimia Home

White is the ultimate neutral. There's a reason so many homeowners and interior designers love it. The versatile shade often makes small spaces feel bigger, especially because it is able to reflect light and trick the eye. With the right white paint, spaces both feel brighter and allow you to play around with accessories and decor in whatever color or style you like. It's the kind of shade you know you won't get sick of, and one that looks clean and simple in any room of the house, including the dining room.

According to Liz Walton, interior designer and CEO of Liz Walton Home, "Whites transform any space into a clean slate, and the dining room is no exception. What better way to let the food take center stage than by having it stand out in a room primed for color? I love using white because it allows my clients to change out accessories, artwork, and table linens seasonally."

Keep in mind that white is not one-size-fits-all. Ask any designer: there are a plethora of white shades out there. From yellow-tinged to stark, flat white, it's important to consider what kind of vibe you're going for in your dining space when selecting both your paint and its accents.

Whether you're a renter looking for decor ideas without changing the paint color, or you want to make the most of a beautiful, all-white dining space, these ideas are for you. Ahead, we rounded up 75 white dining room ideas that prove that neutral doesn't have to mean boring.

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Go for a Glossy White Dining Table

cozy white dining room


"A white dining table is a fun way to lighten up the space and allows my clients to have fun with china patterns, table linens, floral arrangements, and more," says Walton.

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Paint a Small Accent

white dining room

Home By Polly

Liven up a predominantly white color scheme by painting an small accent (like a wall or door) to provide a focal point and give the space some depth.

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Add in Organic Materials

white dining room boho

Cottage + Sea

Add organic materials to provide your white dining room with the feel of nature. Think wicker or rattan lamp shades, pampas grass, dark wood dining chairs, and a picnic-like table.

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Keep It Minimal

white dining room

House of Harvee

Embrace the minimalist design aesthetic and let your white dining room speak for itself by choosing decor that blends in with the existing space, rather than competing with it. Here, the white lighting fixture and table match the white walls, and the blond wooden chairs match the blond wooden floors. Overall, this gives the space a serene look and feel.

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Opt for a Warmer Tone

white dining room


When selecting the white for your dining room, Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson tells us, "It may be best to stay away from harsh whites as they can often make a room feel clinical and cold. Instead, a slightly off-white paint will create a much warmer effect." Look for a creamy shade like Benjamin Moore's French Canvas, a favorite of Walton's, for a softer, more antique look.

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Create Contrast With Black Window Frames

white and black dining room

Becca Interiors

Black window frames are a classic motif that provide a striking statement. They also help to compliment black furniture or decor and give a grounding feel to a large room.

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Adhere to a Monochrome Palette

minimal white dining room

Ashley Montgomery Design

If your white wall color leans slightly more gray, consider a monochrome palette with various riffs on the shade. Here, a charcoal-hued wooden table is accented by black lacquer bistro chairs and a pop of slate-colored neutral art. A white spherical pendant light contributes to the minimalist color scheme.

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Embrace Various Neturals

white dining room

Ashley Montgomery Design

White works well with other neutrals. To embrace a more natural aesthetic, incorporate creams, grays, beiges, and light woods into your furniture.

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Add Texture

boho white dining room idea

Black and Blooms

"When decorating with whites, use a variety of fabrics and textures for a more layered approach," suggests Walton. Opt for a shag rug and macrame table runner to bring in a mix of finishes.

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Offset Pure White With Natural Wood

white dining room

Mindy Gayer

Break up a plain white wall by installing cool wooden paneling. This instantly gives the eye a focal point and helps the space feel more cozy and inviting.

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Create a Gallery Wall for Interest

black and white kitchen/dining room

Blue Copper Design

It's finally time to put your favorite family photos to good use. A well-curated gallery wall takes center stage against a flat white backdrop, creating visual interest (and probably some conversation-starters) in your dining space.

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Bring in Color With a Banquette

white dining room

Britt Design Studio

If you love your neutral dining set but still want to bring in a bit of color, a cozy banquette may be your ticket. Even a pretty pastel (like the light blue shown here) will give an all-white room a subtle pop, without being too overwhelming to the eye.

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Select a Striking Chandelier

white dining room

Britt Design Studio

The dining room is the perfect place to show off that over-the-top pendant light or chandelier. Here, a grand beaded chandelier draws the eye upward, making the space feel taller.

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Let Your Seating Be the Focal Point

White dining room

Britt Design Studio

With white walls, a white table, and white chandelier, let your seating be the focal point. Whether you want to go all out and select vibrant-colored chairs or go a more natural route, like these leather woven ones, keeping the rest of the area white will place all the emphasis on your table-side seating.

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Hang Mirrors for Added Dimension

california white dining room

Laura Brophy Interiors

Strategically-hung mirrors have the ability to totally transform a space so if you're looking for something to do with that blank white wall, consider hanging a few mirrors for dimension. They add light, break up a boring white wall, and create an optical illusion that makes the room feel bigger.

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Bring on the Boho Style

boho white dining rom

Calimia Home

"For an understated look, incorporate white through accessories like table accessories and combine with wooden furniture to create a bohemian style dining room,” suggests Petrie.

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Opt for Black Chairs

white dining room

Calimia Home

Terra McNutt of RI Studio Dallas recommends adding contrast to white walls by bringing in deeper colors—including black. This can be done through your seating, a china cabinet, or both.

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Pair It With Gray

white dining room

Britt Design Studio

"Gray and white, when mixed together, can give your dining room an uplifting and classy look," says Amira Johnson, Interior Designer at Emerald Doors. Try out a gray-stained wooden table and gray seating cushions in your all-white dining room.

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Allow Your Rug to Ground the Space

white dining room

Cathie Hong Interiors

Selecting the right dining room rug can make a huge difference. Opt for a rug that will help define and ground your dining space—especially if you have an open floor plan.

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Juxtapose White With Exposed Brick

white dining room with brick wall

Charlie Interior Design

Flat white paint next to this exposed brick wall lets the brick shine and isn't distracting to the eye. If you have architecture or historical home details you want to stand out, pair them with white to put them into perspective.

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Select a Tone That Compliments the Art and Furniture

white dining room gray artwork

Gray Space Interior Design

"The thing to remember about white paint is that it is never white," says Chad Graci of Graci Interiors in New Orleans. His advice? Select a tone that complements the artwork and furniture in the room. "I like Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak with its pink undertones that work with everything  For a good neutral use Farrow & Ball's Shaded White," he says.

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Try Out a White Wallpaper

white dining room

Design: Emily Henderson Photography: Sara Tramp

If pure white paint isn't your thing, bring in playfulness with white (or mostly white) wallpaper. The subtle design here is muted enough to fade to the background against black seating and a heavy wood table.

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Let the Natural Light In

white dining room

House Sprucing

Let the natural light in (and make a small dining space feel bigger) by keeping the walls and window trim white. "Using directional light can help to make the white appear even brighter," says Johnson.

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Break Up the Space With a Large Shelf

white dining room

Design: Katherine Carter Photography: Tessa Neustadt

"Add a shelf to break up the room for a light, airy feel," suggests certified interior designer, Marco Bizzley of House Grail. Using natural materials such as light-colored wood brings in a touch of nature. Finish the shelf (or shelves) off with decorative items such as plants, candles, or drinkware meant for display.

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Choose Navy Chairs

white dining room

Gray Space Interiors

Create contrast and give the room depth by selecting navy chairs and a matte black sideboard. For this room, the designers at Gray Space Interiors went with a rustic raw wooden table to balance it out.

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Pair White Walls With Dark Cabinetry

white dining room

House Sprucing

"Due to its versatility, using white in the dining room lends itself to both modern and classic decor," says Graci. "White paint is an easy way to introduce the color and it serves to put everything else in the room into perspective." Picking a darker paint for your built-in cabinetry elevates the space.

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Install White Wainscoting

white dining room

Interior Impressions

Wainscoting is an easy to way to give your dining room wall-to-wall character. Top is off with a darker paint above for added contrast.

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Bring in Texture With Drapes

white dining room

Chelius House of Design

Enhance your white dining room's ambiance and add some texture with long drapes. When hung slightly slightly taller and wider than your windows, they can help the windows appear bigger.

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Choose Black Seat Cushions

modern white dining room

Cathie Hong Interiors

If your white dining space is feeling too sterile, opt swap out your seat cushions for black ones. This is a simple way to create contrast and bring the focus to the dining set.

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Go for a Farmhouse Feel

white dining room

D Burns Interiors

You can't go wrong with a classic set of black wooden farmhouse-style chairs. Especially in a room devoid of color, these keep the room feeling grounded and inviting.

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Use Art to Break Up a White Wall

white dining room with art

Design: Emily Henderson Photography: Sara Tramp

Got a big white wall in your dining room that you don't know what to do with? Here's our solution: Art—and lots of it. Nab coordinating prints or frame your favorite photos in antique gold frames for a look that is almost museum-like.

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Select Chic White Shades

white dining room

Design: Emily Henderson Photography: Tessa Neustadt

From the hanging lamp shade to the gorgeous linen drapes, one way to lean into an all-white look is to embrace it with your accessories.

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Choose Natural Wooden Window Frames

white dining room

Emily Henderson

For an earthy look, replace standard white interior window frames with natural wood ones. Here, the wood matches the wood found on the custom banquette and dining set, pulling the entire space together.

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Consider a White Paneled Ceiling

white dining room

House Nine

A planked wooden ceiling gives a distinct, cottage-like feel.

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Paint Your Chairs White

white dining room

House Sprucing

Black dining chairs are classic, but white is a fresh, modern take. Just make sure to seal the paint with a gloss or lacquer for easy cleaning.

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Embrace a Fully Neutral Palette

white dining room

Interior Impressions

A well-curated neutral palette of whites, creams, and beiges creates a mood of relaxation since nothing is screaming for attention or fighting to grab your eye. Go for a slightly off-white to ensure the space doesn't feel too stark.

Many whites may lean yellow, pink (warm), or blue, or purple (cool) so consider your color palette when choosing your paint. 

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Add a Pop of Color With Bright Chairs

white dining room blue chairs

JK Interior Living

All-white dining rooms get an instant boost of serotonin when paired with a luxe pop of saturated color on your chairs. We love the way this royal blue adds sophistication and glamour to this eating area.

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Double Up on Lighting Fixtures

white dining room furniture

JK Interior Living

What's better than one incredible light fixture? Two. Give large dining areas a grand feel by selecting matching side-by-side pendants. These beachy white ones complement the white chairs.

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Hang Heavy Curtains to Frame the Space

white coastal dining room

White Sands Design Build

Avoid a sterile-looking all-white room by strategically hanging heavy patterned drapes as a way to frame the space and bring in some softness. These also act as focal points.

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Mix and Match Furniture and Accessory Styles

white dining room

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

When it comes to selecting decor for your white dining space, don't be afraid to mix it up. Here, the interior designer for Lemon Leaf Home Interiors used a mix of both traditional and modern pieces in the space while still allowing it to feel soft and neutral. This way, no one design aesthetic takes hold of the eye.

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Use White for Your Head of the Table Chairs

white dining room

Interior Impressions

White upholstered head of the table chairs go with any existing dining set and feel formal and luxurious.

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Create Contrast With a Black China Cabinet

white dining room

Kate Marker Interiors

A sleek black china cabinet is the perfect way to add tons of depth to a white dining space. Plus, it's functional for serving guests.

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Keep It Beachy

white dining room

Kate Marker Interiors

Nothing says beachy like a bright white or slightly blue-white paint. Achieve the full coastal vibe by selecting matching white chairs and a white wooden chandelier as the centerpiece.

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Install Natural Wood Beams

white dining room

Kate Marker Interiors

Accent high ceilings while infuses a rustic motif by installing exposed natural wood beams in your dining room. These draw the eye up, provide an element of texture, and help to frame the space for a result that's charming and full of character.

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Bright White Furniture and Fixtures

white dining room

JNR Designs

"If you're going to go for a white dining room, I recommend really going for it as we did here," says Jennifer Markowitz of JNR Designs. "All the fixtures, paint, and furniture are bright white, which creates the perfect canvas to let your other decor elements—and let's be honest, the food—do the talking in the dining room. We also added a blue painted ceiling here for a surprise pop!"

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Create a Visual Nook

white dining room

Kate Marker Interiors

Carving out a small nook in one of the walls of your dining room is not just functional (since you can place a china cabinet or console table there) but also serves to break up a fully white space. This creates visual interest and depth.

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Try Shiplap

white dining room

Kate Marker Interiors

Shiplap remains a popular choice for adding texture and interest to your walls without costing a pretty penny. The result is a lived-in farmhouse feel that's decidedly homey.

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Add Warmth with Dark Wood and Brown Tones

white dining room

Katie Hodges Design

 "If you're painting your dining room white, I recommend offsetting the white with warm browns to add warmth to the room," says Bizzley. Medium and deep wood will also impart a more rustic feel.

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Bring in a Pop of Color With Your Lighting Fixture

white dining room

Katie LeClercq

If you're keeping the rest of the dining room timeless and neutral, bring in a punch of personality (and a bit of modern design) in with a funky, colorful light fixture.

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Lay Down a Rainbow Rug

white dining room

Katie Martinez Design

Rugs are an easy, non-committal way to impart color and texture into a white space. Here, a chunky rainbow medallion-shaped pick grounds the space and gives it a more lived-in, eclectic style.

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Create a Tonal Look

white dining room

Light and Dwell

"Start with a warm white and then layer in shades of cream, tan, and natural materials to create a tonal look," suggests Kevin Francis O'Gara of Kevin Francis Design. This can be especially inviting in a dining room at night.

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Stick to Streamlined Furniture

white dining room

Light and Dwell

Keep things sleek by opting for streamlined furniture in a contemporary design. This will give your dining area a modern look.

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Incorporate Custom Millwork

white dining room

Lindsey Brooke Design

"To add interest to an all-white dining room, we love incorporating custom millwork such as wainscoting and applied molding," says Oshri Adri and Jillian Dahlman, co-founders of Adri + Dahlman Interiors. For a crisp white, the duo recommends recommend Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and for a warmer white, they say to go with Benjamin Moore's White Dove. To make a white dining room more edgy, black elements such as lighting, dining chairs, and rugs can be incorporated.

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Make a Statement With Rattan Pendants

white dining room

Lindsey Brooke Design

Rattan pendants offer the ultimate Cali-cool style and tons of texture to a room. They're also beautiful both day and night. Watch the way the open weave casts light against white walls when they're turned on.

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Decorate With Earth Tones

white dining room

Lindsey Brooke Design

Earth-tone decor is inherently soothing and inviting, taking inspiration from the colors found in nature. Pairing serene blues, browns, and greens with white is a fresh and homey look.

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Select a Sisal Rug

white dining room

Lexi Grace Design

"For a more nature-inspired white dining room, various textures should be added," says Dahlman. Consider bouclé fabric on dining chairs, woven baskets, or a sisal dining rug. 

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Use White Upholstery

white dining room

Lexi Grace Design

"White can be tricky in a dining room when it comes to seating," explains McNutt. She loves to use faux leather on the dining chairs, but suggests that whatever material you use, you make sure it is treated with a performance enhancer—after all, especially for large families, cleanability is a must.

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Create a Colorful Focal Point

white dining room

Louis Duncan-He Designs

A pop of bright artwork can make all the difference in a predominantly white space, immediately becoming the focal point. Consider oversized pieces with vibrant, abstract designs.

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Fill the Space With Plants

white dining room

Louis Duncan-He Designs

Bring life into an otherwise muted white room with potted trees and interesting houseplants that you can change out with the season.

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Think Outside the Box

white dining rooms

Louis Duncan-He Designs

With a white dining room, you can bring in multiple furniture styles without it feeling like the clash. Create a museum-inspired space by mixing and matching ultra modern and traditional.

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Try a Gold Accent

white dining room blue carpet

Louis Duncan-He Designs

A gilded embellishment like this metallic cluster pendant elevates this white dining room, and brings in a touch of glam.

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Go for a Natural Wood Ceiling

white dining room

M Starr Design

Ever think about making your ceiling the focal point? Bring in cabin-like vibes by going to a natural wood ceiling in juxtaposition with clean white walls.

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Play With Your Unique Architecture

white dining room

Maite Granda

White has a way of making any type of architecture feel fresh and intentional. Lean in to your space's unique features, like this dining room does.

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Hang Herringbone Paneling

white dining room

Rebecca Rollins

Similar to shiplap, white paneling in a funky herringbone shape is still neutral, but adds dimension to white walls. Play on the slightly rustic aesthetic by incorporating natural finishes such as woven chairs.

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Don't Shy Away From Saturated Colors

white dining room

Mary Patton Design

"For a bolder direction, I love to bring in pops of contrasting, saturated hues like coral red, cobalt, and teal to infuse personality into the room," Francis tells us. If you don't want to commit with furniture or paint, test it out with artwork and accessories.

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Add in a Rustic Door Frame

white dining room

Kate Marker Interiors

This rustic, exposed wood door frame quite literally frames this chic white dining room, allowing it to feel warmer and more intimate. Leather head-of-the-table chairs complete the look.

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Utilize Symmetry

white dining room

Maite Granda

Create balance and symmetry in a white dining room by mirroring your accessories, like the designer did with the life-size green plants here.

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Pair an All-White Palette With Colorful Drapes

white dining room

Mary Patton Design

Play around with the blank white canvas that is a white space by hanging colorful curtains. When you keep the rest of the palette muted and neutral, you can really go all out on the shades.

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Mix and Match Chairs

white dining room

Design Lines Signature

Dining sets don't have to be matchy-matchy. Play with various patterns, tones, and textures.

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Bring in a Dark Dining Set

white dining room

Think Chic Interiors

"I love to use white in a dining room as a palette cleanser," says Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors. "Here I wanted to be sure to ground the space a bit, so I used a darker dining table and chairs, but kept everything else really light and bright. The stained glass window brings the perfect amount of color in and keeps in line with the house's historical charm." 

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Incorporate Wallpaper

white dining room

Interior Impressions

Breakup a fully white space with contrasting wallpaper, like Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions did here. She tells us, "I always add a bit of contrast to bring the space to life. Here, you see it in the bold graphic wall covering, which plays into the area rug and furniture." According to Leferink, "Contrast helps the room feel more multi-dimensional and adds some excitement to the space."

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Let Your Lighting Blend In

white dining room

Mindy Gayer

To keep a fully neutral look, choose white wall sconces that blend in with your walls.

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Go for Green Seating

white dining room

Reena Sotropa

We love the earthy, laid-black look of these mint green chairs paired with white walls and deep wood cabinetry.

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Install Open Shelving

white dining room

Mindy Gayer

Open shelving is a great way to break up a predominantly white space. They give you the opportunity to bring in color and texture with baubles and small pieces of decor.

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Wow With Metallic Art

white dining room

Tina Ramchandani

Give fun metallic art and accents time to shine (literally) in a white dining room. Don't be afraid of something eye-catching and graphic, a white space can handle it without it looking cluttered or overwhelming.