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50 Beautiful Spaces That Prove White Kitchens Will Never Go Out of Style

White kitchen with rug

Ausland Interiors

Boring, blasé, blank, lackluster—these are all the not-so-flattering words that may come to mind when you think about all-white kitchens. But, white kitchens don't get the chance to live up to their potential. They are style masterpieces waiting to be uncovered, and both literally and metaphorically provide great blank canvases to craft a space fit for all your cooking, entertaining, and midnight snacking needs.

This goes beyond adding a few decorative objects to your countertops. You can replace your backsplash with a shimmering copper tile accent wall or make it a modern masterpiece with the help of a blue stove or slab of elegant marble. And these are just the very beginning of how you can branch out from those four white walls—or no walls if open concept is your cup of tea.

In fact, you will probably be pleasantly surprised by all the different ways you can make a white kitchen shine, and you'll find 50 such examples below.

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Revel in a Sun-Soaked Space

White kitchen with wooden barstools

Our Modern Farmhouse

If you've lucked out with large windows, take advantage of the natural light that pools in and design around it. This kitchen from Our Modern Farmhouse kept everything bright and white—save for a few grounding touches, which include rustic bar stools, wooden accents, and dark trim lining the windows.

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Infuse Some Dimension

White kitchen with black chairs

Underwood Design

This cooking space from Underwood Design shows how beautifully black and white balance one another out. By sprinkling in a few touches—think: the sink faucet and chairs and the island—this space gets a whole new layer of dimension.

The tiles behind that frame the stove and the marble countertop also provide a tiny bit of texture that's subtle, but makes a difference.

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Complement Your Kitchen's Most Distinct Qualities

White kitchen with wooden accents

Design: Curated Nest / Photography: Kyle Caldwell

Living in a home that already has some unique characteristics can be both a blessing and a curse—you want to personalize while keep the integrity of what's already present.

The designers of this kitchen at the Curated Nest have you covered. "When there are architectural details to a kitchen, such as beams, iron windows, you don’t always need to bring in color, the details can stand alone," they explain. "Less is more in this case."

But, what happens if your kitchen doesn't come prepped and primed with unique features? "When designing a less architecturally distinct kitchen, we love incorporating color for cabinets, dark accents, textures like white oak, and contrasting island colors," they say. "One key to success in white kitchen, architectural interest or not, is in adding textures. It's all about layering."

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Bring in a Burst of Blue

Aqua chairs in white kitchen

Design: Interior Impressions / Photography: Mackenzie Merrill

The beauty of a white kitchen means your space is malleable. You'll never be stuck with a palette that's too busy or overwhelmed by color choices or textures. As Interior Impressions explains, choosing all-white cabinets gives you plenty of options in the future.

"We wanted to keep the palette neutral and add pops of color that can easily be swapped out down the road," they say. "We kept the backsplash neutral for the same reason, allowing for accessories to be swapped out and bring in different color schemes."

To avoid feeling too simple, the design company added a swash of blue to this kitchen by coating the pantry door and finding matching bar stools, to boot.

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Open Up Space Visually

White and wooden kitchen

Design: RJohnston Interiors / Photography: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Oftentimes, people may encounter the conundrum of a kitchen that's plenty wide but feels cramped because of vertical space. The antidote for this is incorporating all-white features.

"I selected white for the cabinetry to minimize the contrast between cabinets, walls, and ceiling," Rebecca Johnston of RJohnston Interiors says. "This space is quite large with only an 8’ ceiling and structural challenges that required soffits to enclose steel beams, posts, and plumbing for the bathroom above. I selected a very light quartzite countertop to minimize the contrast as well."

She adds that sticking to one color allows for everything to blend together and feel more spacious.

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Give It the Midas Touch

White kitchen with marble backsplash

If Walls Could Talk

A few metallic accents can go a long way, especially if you go with gold. As seen in this gorgeous kitchen from If Walls Could Talk, there's a sprinkling of this regal material in the hardware and on the light fixtures. It adds a sophisticated touch of glam that's hard to replicate in any other way.

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Think Outside the Box

White kitchen with black pendant lights

Design: Tyler Interiors / Photography: Laura Sumrak

It's hard to believe that Tyler Interiors had few choices when working with this kitchen, but despite the spec builder limitations, this kitchen ended up becoming a Pinterest-worthy space. "The goal was a light and bright kitchen with midcentury modern details," Natalie of Tyler Interiors says. "We further customized with fun pendants and barstools more fitting to their style."

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Warm It Up

White kitchen with brick tile walls

Rikki Snyder

All-white kitchens can feel cold and sterile with the wrong touches. White is a bright, spacious hue, but it's completely possible to make it cozy and inviting. Wooden details and warm metallic accents are two key ways of doing this, which can be seen in this stunning cooking space.

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Rethink Your Idea of Modern Farmhouse

White kitchen with black accents

Design: The High Point House / Photography: Eliza Poe Photography

Some styles—although impeccably trendy—can feel stale fast. If you adore modern farmhouse, for example, but are wary of it feeling outdated, there are many ways you can customize it to your liking.

"The theme for the entire home design was an elevated play on 'modern farmhouse' and we wanted that to shine through in the kitchen while keeping the finishes classic with modern influence," the team from The High Point House says.

How did they make this happen? In several ways, including opting for a unique subway tile pattern, mixing in wood textures, and installing ultra chic pendant lighting.

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Reinstate Rose Gold

White kitchen with pink copper accents

Sprucing Up Mamahood

Rose gold had a moment in 2018, and it's now making its way back in. But, rather than coating everything in this pinkish metallic, you can make it look as chic as yellow gold or silver by relying on just a few splashes of it, like Sprucing Up Mamahood did in this kitchen. It provides two major benefits: a playful bit of color and a refreshing touch of texture.

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Draw Inspiration From the Sea

Blue, aqua, and white kitchen

Michelle Gage

The mermaid scale-like tiles in this kitchen from Michelle Gage are enough to convince anyone to add some coastal flair to their cooking space. The array of colors and the unexpected pop of periwinkle around the window make this white kitchen sing siren songs.

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Expand and Add Some Edge

White and black check tile in kitchen

Design: Imani James Interiors / Photography: Marc Mauldin Photography

"For this kitchen renovation, we wanted to create a bright and airy feel
in the space," Imani James of Imani James Interiors says. "White kitchen cabinets are such a timeless classic design choice, so we chose Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore for the cabinet color. The cabinets were previously painted off-white, and the walls were a pale lavender-gray hue. The new wall color is Paper White by Benjamin Moore."

The team also replaced the rustic backsplash that was once there with a refreshing herringbone pattern made up of marble tile. Thanks to the new color palette and extra light from the windows, there was plenty of room for a little stylistic drama. James says that they chose black-and-white tiles, oversized pendant lamps, and artwork sourced from a market in Brazil.

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Mix in Marble

White marble island in kitchen

Amhad Freeman Interiors

Those who covet that fully all-white look but are craving some variation amongst the sea of white will find satisfaction in marble countertops and backsplashes. This kitchen from Amhad Freeman Interiors and CW Architects shows how just a few gray veins of marble can every so gently break up a space and provide a fresh finish.

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Fully Embrace Farmhouse

White kitchen with wood accents

Ashley Webb Interiors

When you're stuck between the open vibes a white kitchen provides and the cozy atmosphere farmhouse and cabin-like spaces give off, you can make the decision easier by combining both. Ashley Webb Interiors infused lots of wood and warm tones into this room to make it feel inviting without erasing the details that make it feel expansive.

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See the Power in Contrast

White and navy kitchen

Design: MIF Design / Photography: Linda Pordon Photography

You can still have a spacious feeling kitchen even with a dark accent color, as proven by MIF Design. "In this project, the overall goal was to create a beautiful and timeless kitchen," the team from MIF Design says. "We used the soft white cabinets to create a warm, light, and inviting space. By going darker with the island, we created contrast at the same time, leaving the kitchen feeling bright."

Even if you're holding tight to the idea of an all-white kitchen, it's easy to fall in love with all that a good bit of contrast can do for a space.

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Keep the Metallics Moving

White kitchen with wood flooring

JK Interior Living

This is another perfect example of how you can flawlessly pull off using gold all throughout a kitchen. The thin lines of it that can be seen framing the cupboards, wrapped around the chairs, and on the sink faucet in this space by JK Interior Living infuse some glimmer without being overbearingly shiny.

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Find a New Place for Wood

White kitchen with white tile backsplash

Practical Designs

Wood is often reserved for cabinets, flooring, and countertops, but if you're looking to change things up—especially in an all-white kitchen—you can have some fun with where you place different textures and materials. In this kitchen from Practical Designs, a panel above the range top makes for an eye-catching bit of detail.

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Start With a Warm Foundation

White cabinets in kitchen

Full Heart at Home

You can instantly warm up a white kitchen by going down the warm paint route. This creates a creamy, cozy base from the get go. Full Heart at Home's choice to use this shade of white mixed with a tonal stone backsplash makes the kitchen feel prepped and prime for cooking, entertaining, and sneaking a fresh baked cookie or two.

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Maintain Your Color Palette in Structural Elements

All-white kitchen

Adventures in Decorating

Even smaller kitchens can feel spacious when you choose a color like white and don't stray too far from it. Adventures in Decorating shows how keeping features like your shelving and cupboards bright white too can enlarge your walls and expand your space from floor to ceiling, even if it is more of an illusion.

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Blend Multiple Styles

White kitchen with wooden chairs

Country Girl Home

The beauty of design today is that you never have to be boxed in by one style. If you love modern and rustic looks, you can incorporate elements of both for a blended kitchen that feels fresh and contemporary in its own unique way. Country Girl Home, in particular, included farmhouse-style chairs but selected modern vases and an all-white palette to keep it feeling fresh.

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Round It Out

White kitchen

Bailey Ward Interiors

One exciting way to play up a white kitchen is by tweaking the shapes used throughout the space. If squared off cabinets are the frame of the room, then play with rounded lines by constructing an archway over the stove or curving the island, like Bailey Ward Interiors did here.

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Embrace the Glow

White kitchen with wooden flooring

Christina Kim Interior Design 

If cozying up with a cup of coffee in the morning while bathing in the morning light sounds like something out of your own kitchen dreams, there are a few things you can do to make sure it happens.

"For my own kitchen, I chose white cabinetry because I wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful south-facing light," Christina Kim, owner and principal of Christina Kim Interior Design, says. "I chose a creamy white in favor of a bright modern one to create a soft pretty glow. This subtle white allows the natural light to be the star of the show."

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Complement the Rest of Your Home

Boho style kitchen

Mani Tagba / Afro Bohemian Living

While white can be used to make a room stand out, it also excels at helping a space blend in. "Our white kitchen was built by ourselves. I chose white because we have an open living, kitchen, dining area and I didn't want to draw all the attention to the kitchen," Mani Tagba of Afro Bohemian Living says.

The cooking space is gorgeous on its own, but still fits in beautifully with the rest of the house.

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Separate Your Spaces

White kitchen with accent wall

Arditi Design

Also on the list of things you can do with a white color palette in your kitchen is break up space and draw boundaries. "We chose to go with a white kitchen in our recent Park Slope project to balance the vibrant color and texture of the living room wallpaper against the crispness of white shaker cabinets," Rozit Arditi of Arditi Design explains.

She adds that white kitchens will remain timeless for decades, and work well no matter what your design style is.

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Dance With Dark and Light

White kitchen with dark wood floors

West of Main Design

Black and white are a classic color combination, but if you're in search of a deep, saturated contrast that isn't quite as dark, copy the likes of this kitchen, courtesy of West of Main Design. The dark wood floors, bar stools, and black island topper perfectly greet the surrounding snow-white ceilings, walls, and cabinetry.

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Use Black Sparingly

White kitchen with tile backsplash

Design: Justin Q. Williams / Photo: Sean Cason

An all-black kitchen is equally as stunning as an all-white one, but if you'd like to infuse some dark shades into a light room, start simple. "Since this home allows for very little natural light in the kitchen I wanted to bring in white cabinetry against a white backsplash for not only a bright space but also a classic look," designer Justin Q. Williams says.

He explains that his client was rather conservative, but he managed to keep a modern feel throughout with the help of a few stylish touches. "I selected a black grout—definitely a hard sell for him, but he trusted my judgment—and the herringbone tile pattern. This presents a modern bright space that’s both interesting and highly functional, which is what’s most important."

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Let the Surroundings Do the Talking

White kitchen with black chairs

Hibou Design & Co.

"We adore specifying white kitchens because they are timeless and always make for the perfect backdrop for any focal point," the team at Hibou Design & Co. says. They explain that although words like "boring" get thrown around when thinking about white kitchens, they're so easy to dress up and down.

For this particular kitchen, the firm wanted to prioritize the picturesque scenery outside. "We chose white in this project to maintain the lightness and cohesiveness throughout the main floor with being open concept onto the dining living space and not to distract that natural flow or distract from the backyard views."

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Know That Visual Interest Is Everything

White kitchen with light flooring

Michelle Berwick Design

To make an icy kitchen pop, don't be afraid to call in some color. "Crisp, clean, classic, and never goes out of style, white kitchens have been a go-to and client request for years and will continue to be," Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design says. "Our approach to an all-white scheme? Keep it interesting."

She suggests implementing textures and materials that keep the space flowing, which can be seen through the use of an elegant, yet vibrant floral fabric in this kitchen.

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Opt for Off-White

Gray and white kitchen

Design: Julia Alexander Interiors / Photography: Snook Photography

Warm tones may be a hit for some, but what about the cooler white counterparts? They set the groundwork for a stunning backdrop that still allows for customization. "We chose an off-white as this is a mid to high-end rental property," Julia Alexander of Julia Alexander Interiors says. "We kept it timeless, neutral, and fresh for renters to add their mark."

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Provide Movement With Levels

White kitchen with gold pendant lamps

Brexton Cole Interiors

You can prevent everything blending into a white blur by adjusting the levels in a space. In this breezy kitchen from Brexton Cole Interiors, you can tell how different layers give the room a little extra verve. The low-hanging golden pendants, the dual heights of the cabinets, and even the pop of wallpaper near the entryway all boast visual texture.

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Bounce Bold Details Off of a White Kitchen

White kitchen with bold chandelier

Design: Beauty is Abundant / Photography: Sandy Saintilus

There's no better blank canvas than a white kitchen. Every unique object or fixture you add to the space will instantly enliven in, which is perfectly exemplified in this cooking space.

Leah Alexander of Beauty is Abundant loves each part of this kitchen design. "I love the modern touches most in this classic white kitchen, including the waterfall edge detail on the island, quartz countertop carried up onto the backsplash, top-mounted cabinet hardware—no holes on the face of the doors—and the wow-factor light fixture," she says.

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Break Down Barriers With White

White kitchen with green lowers

Arbor & Co.

Kitchens that don't fall under the open concept category can easily feel cramped thanks to the walls surrounding them. You can counteract any restrictive vibes with an all-white palette. It's even possible to add deeper colors, as this Arbor & Co. kitchen shows with its forest green lowers.

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Master the Art of Multiple Finishes

White kitchen with white cabinets

Domm Dot Com

Brushed, metallic, matte, luster—no matter what finish you select for your kitchen, many people stray from mixing them. Domm Dot Com's blending of textures is enough to convince anyone to do the same. Here, the matte, off-white cabinets are a fabulous variation from the shiny white backsplash and metallic stainless steel appliances.

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Implement a Soft Wash of Gray

White kitchen with gray tile

Gray Space Interiors

If black is too bold but color doesn't suit your tastes, then you'll never go wrong with affixing gray tones around your kitchen. Gray Space Interiors' choice of gray tile, stone counters, and light mist-colored paint soften the room without needing to break out a warmer selection of colors.

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Add a Layer of Luster

White kitchen with gray tile

House Sprucing

Glossy tiles add a major sheen to this kitchen from House Sprucing, making them a major focal point when the light hits them at the right angle. This one choice means that the entirety of the kitchen can easily remain white without feeling flat or one-dimensional.

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Turn Up the Saturation

White kitchen with blue island

House of Chais

It's easy to turn to deep, dark shades when looking to dress up a white kitchen, but why not play with nearly-white colors? The sky blue and pastel pink featured in this kitchen designed by House of Chais would look far paler in more colorful rooms, but they gently stand out in a kitchen that's made up of mostly white.

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Focus on the Windows

White kitchen with golden pendant light

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Frame any white kitchen by adding an architectural edge to an unexpected place. The matte black frames encompassing these windows certainly match the hardware and faucet, but because of its ultra dark hue, it brings its own sleek touch to this kitchen from Sarah Fultz Interiors.

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Allow the Space to Stand Out

White kitchen with wood flooring

Katherine Carter Design

Staring at white day after day can start feeling a little blasé, but there are plenty of solutions. Rather than letting white swallow up the kitchen, alongside of the wood open shelving Katherine Carter Design paired a patina-laden range hood with a copper kettle and dark grout to punctuate the space.

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Look Down for Personal Touches

White kitchen with rug

Ausland Interiors

Preserve the boundless bright energy of a white cooking space by following the lead of Ausland Interiors and looking down when it comes to styling it. Rather than painting cabinets or adding bold touches on the walls and ceilings, you can place ornate rugs, lay playful tiles, or warm up with wooden flooring to infuse your own preferences into the kitchen.

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Give a Nod to Nature

White kitchen with bar stools

Pure Salt Interiors

An ingenious way to bring the outdoors in and enliven an all-white kitchen is through the use of plants. Line wooden shelves with fronds, flowers, and leafy specimens, like Pure Salt Interiors did here, for a nature-inspired result that'll lift the spirits of anyone who enters the room.

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Experiment With Cool Tones

White kitchen with marble island

Reagen Taylor Photography

Oftentimes homes with white kitchens will want to warm the space up. But, there is immense value in dialing down the temperature. Chilly tones aren't always sterile—in fact, they can be just as elevated as their sunnier counterparts. This cooking space embraces grays, icy whites, and even a touch of purple that all appeal to a Scandi vibe.

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Bring in the Bold

White kitchen with marble backsplash

Devon Grace Interiors

Homeowners and renters who aren't averse to edgy accents will be drooling over the way that Devon Grace Interiors broke up this all-white kitchen. With a little assistance from a veiny marble backsplash and a bold block of color from a black oven, the icy cool interior features an array of sleek touches that you'll want to copy.

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Install a Copper Wall

Copper wall in white kitchen

Erin Williamson Design

The rustic vibes of brick mixed with the sleek touch of tile converge in this kitchen by Erin Williamson Design, thanks to a breathtaking copper wall. The shiny finish is far more original than white subway tile, but has an added boost that brick or wood just can't provide.

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Incorporate Something Blue

White kitchen with blue stove

Finding Lovely

The rule of adding something blue isn't just an old wedding adage—it works in a design context, too. Finding Lovely's approval of this blue oven configuration was a brilliant move as it both grounds the kitchen and makes it pop all on its own.

If you're unsure of how to add color, it might be worth looking to your appliances.

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Sprinkle in Whimsy With Tile

White kitchen with marble walls

White Sands Build

A kitchen in the clouds? That's the exact atmosphere this gorgeous space from White Sands Build evokes. The shade of white chosen certainly helps, but it's the gossamer marble tiles that line the space between the counters and ceiling and the orb lights that really set the mood.

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Dive Into the Nitty Gritty

White cabinets in kitchen

Will Brown Interiors

This cool, modern kitchen from Will Brown Interiors holds small details in high esteem. At first look, you can appreciate it's almost entirely white, but upon further inspection, it's easier to pick up on what a difference the tiniest decisions can make—such as how the hexagonal tiles affixed to the backsplash nearly match the fabric covering the chairs.

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Play With Moody Tones

Black tiles in white kitchen

Tyler Karu Design + Interiors

If all-white is a bit too overwhelming, you can instantly add a stylistic edge with splashes of black and gray. The veiny marble countertops and black patterned tiles on the wall give this white kitchen from Tyler Karu Design + Interiors an extra bit of visual interest that you may not find in other purely white interiors.

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Focus on the Minutiae

White kitchen with glass cabinet doors

Noelle Ryan Interiors

A white kitchen leaves plenty of room to draw attention to the minute details you may miss in a more colorful kitchen. The stained glass-inspired panels on the cupboards really make this space from Noelle Ryan Interiors, as well as the slate-colored island—two things that may not have stood out initially without the help of a white background.

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Utilize White in Modern Kitchens

White kitchen with gray lowers

Cathie Hong Interiors

If you fancy all things modern, white is the perfect color for softening the edges and holding the space together. This kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors has the sharp and refined shapes often seen in modern rooms as well as the more spherical ones—just take a look at that chandelier. The soft white hues in the cabinets, walls, and herringbone backsplash, as well a the intentional touches of black, make it feel so much lighter.

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Live Out Your Countryside Cottage Dreams

White cottage kitchen

Milk and Honey Life

For a case study of cottagecore at its finest, just take a peek at this kitchen from Milk and Honey Life. The white beadboard ceiling mixed with the brick walls and cross windows feels updated yet oh-so-cozy. Plus, it's hard to think of dreamier details than the small tree in the antiquated pot and the hanging copper pans.