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16 Unique White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Transform Blank Walls With Purposeful Patterns

Green tile in kitchen

House of Chais

A good backsplash is often an underutilized power in a kitchen. When you're working with a white kitchen in particular, it's even easier to see how much of a difference these sections of wall can make. They can do anything from spruce up a lackluster under-cabinet situation to provide some much-needed breaks of color.

Whether you prize style over utility or are concerned about protecting your snow-colored walls, there are numerous ideas for transforming this part of your room with tile, wallpaper, paint, or slabs of stone.

The following gorgeous white kitchen backsplash ideas will help you reinvent your space—and rethink how you can add color, texture, and dimension to any kitchen that is primarily white.

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Opt for Opulence

Marble backsplash

JK Interior Living

If you want a little more luxe, invest in a slab marble backsplash for a sleek statement—and make it black marble if you're feeling extra edgy. While it still provides protection to your walls, it gives a nice chunk of continuity, which can be a refreshing change from the repetition of tiles.

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Tessellate With Tile

Tile backsplash in kitchen

Reena Sotropa

Your backsplash can serve as an accent wall of sorts, and just because it's your kitchen doesn't mean you should skip out on making a statement. These flower-like squares prove just how drastically you can change the vibe of a space by picking something that's a little more playful than the usual.

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Look Beyond Tile

Slate gray cabinets with patterned wallpaper

Midcity Interiors

For places that are less subject to the splash zone, you can swap tile out for wallpaper or adhesive stick ons. For kitchenettes and home bars, a groovy wallpaper mixed with a solid, calming hue makes for a sophisticated space, perfect for shaking the perfect Saturday night cocktail or two.

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Test Out a Counter-to-Ceiling Layout

Herringbone tile in kitchen

Maite Granda

Not only are the herringbone tiles in this kitchen trendy and different from the usual horizontal stacks, they reach from the counters all the way to the ceiling, making them a statement in their own right.

Using lighter tones like white and gray means it's much easier to pull off a cool pattern of tile.

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Make It Modern

Mint green cabinets in kitchen

Cathie Hong Interiors

The backsplash seen here is comprised of narrow tiles stacked in columns, which instantly provides this white and mint kitchen a modern edge. The mint green cabinets and disc pendant lights are certainly highlights, but the backsplash is equally as strong of a contributor to the space's atmosphere.

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Dabble in Green

Green tile in kitchen

House of Chais

Minimalists aspiring to branch out from the typical beige, white, and cream palettes will find satisfaction in light green, which feels like a neutral, but adds color and vibrancy to a room. A white kitchen is especially perfect for experimenting with softer muted tones, such as this mint, in a backsplash.

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Speckle With Gray

Gray backsplash tiles

If Walls Could Talk

Light gray is a winning color when you want to maintain the bright, airy feeling that a white kitchen delivers. It's an ever-so-light detail that catches your eye, but still blends nicely with the rest of the room.

Go a quarter or half of the way up with rectangular tiles or coat a large portion of the wall in penny tiles. No matter what you choose, a misty gray shade will satiate your appetite for something that breaks up the white.

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Include Some Patterned Flair

Gray patterned backsplash in kitchen

JC Design

There are so many options for tile out there, and the ones featured in this cooking space have a very bohemian edge to them, which influences the whole room. Because it's a darker gray tone, it helps ground the kitchen and happens to fit in nicely with the runner, too.

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Play With Patterns

Patterned backsplash

Naked Kitchens

A pop of pattern is all you need to break away from the typical look of a kitchen. Here, the teal and tangerine also add to the vibrancy, but even if you just relied on covering a small surface area in a printed tile, you'd get the sense of renewal in your space.

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Pack a Small Style Punch

Small white backsplash in kitchen

Domm Dot Com

Even narrower spaces for backsplashes can provide style and energy. This one specifically used to house charcoal gray tiles, but now, with its white and shiny upgrade, the space feels brighter and more upbeat.

Opting for color in a backsplash often pays off in a white kitchen, but sometimes adding a little more white is an even better idea.

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Perfect the Art of White on White

Kitchen with white tile backsplash

Blue Copper Design

To make a standard white kitchen shine, provide some contrast with lustrous tiles to spice up matte walls. It keeps the cohesion of a minimal room but gives the surface a little more detail. Pair that with some patterned tile, and your white kitchen will never feel boring again.

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Embolden With Black Brick

Black backsplash

Burchard Design Co.

Sometimes all-white kitchens can feel too bare or mind-numbingly endless. Give it some spice by adding a sharp black backsplash to help contain the space and give it edge. You can also base your accent pieces on it, whether that's selecting onyx-colored lights or picking out chairs that match the midnight shade.

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Set Your Sights on Stone

White kitchen with stone backsplash

Emily Everyday

The best way to add dimension is not through wallpapers that provide a little optical illusion work, but through actual 4D materials. These stone bricks lined up as a backsplash dispense plenty of texture than their oft-used flat tile counterparts.

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Square Away Your Backsplash

Teal island and gray backsplash

Margaret Wright

Another great visual variation to try out with a backsplash is square tiles. Subway tile and other rectangular versions will forever be favorites, but if you're in need of something new, these perfectly proportional shapes will suit your kitchen well.

Not to mention the ones here match their rectangular cousins on the opposing wall—it's a win-win.

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Douse Your Space in Blue

Blue herringbone tile backsplash

Reagen Taylor Photography

The tropical twist these blue tiles provide is one brilliant way of jazzing up an all-white kitchen, giving it a vacation-ready façade. Plus, with a hue this bold, it's hard not to walk into your cooking space each morning and feel both energized and at ease.

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Sprinkle in a Bit of Terrazzo

Brown cabinets in kitchen

True Home

The popularity of terrazzo ebbs and flows, but when done right, this ultra-trendy pattern will always look timeless. The flecks of brown and taupe in the backsplash and countertops work wonders by assisting the cocoa brown cupboards in warming up this white kitchen.