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22 Kitchens That Prove White Cabinets Don't Have to Be Boring

kitchen with white kitchen cabinets

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You might think that while kitchen cabinets are a boring choice, but the truth is they're one of the smartest design decisions you can make in your home—and for good reason, too.

Even though different kitchen trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change and cabinet styles, shapes, and materials keep evolving, there’s still no wiser choice than classic white cabinets for your kitchen. Not only do they brighten up your space in the best way possible, making your kitchen feel light, airy, and clean, white kitchen cabinets pair well with just about every color combination and décor style imaginable—meaning your kitchen won’t start feeling dated or dull anytime soon.

And since cabinets are a costly and integral part of your kitchen design, choosing white cabinets now will save you time and money later, ensuring that your kitchen grows with you over time—no matter how much your style changes over the next ten to twenty years.

So before you start thinking that white cabinets are a mundane, “play it safe” choice for your kitchen, take a look at these 23 amazing white kitchen cabinet ideas for inspiration. You’ll quickly see that choosing white kitchen cabinets for your home is anything but boring.

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Make it Warm and Welcoming

White kitchen cabinets don’t have to look bland. Interior designer Leanne Ford warmed up this all-white kitchen with tons of natural details, including open shelving made from salvaged wood, to infuse some Mediterranean vibes into the space.

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Add Instant Flair With a Wallpaper Backsplash

Infuse some personality into your kitchen and bring those white cabinets to life by pairing them with an eye-catching wallpaper backsplash. Interior stylist Anita Yokota opted for this Double Dash Wallpaper by Rebecca Atwood and covered it with plexiglass (learn how she did it here) to help it stand up to moisture and messes.

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Make Cabinets Pop With Handsome Hardware

Houston-based interior design Jill Egan made the all-white cabinets in her kitchen’s butler pantry pop by adorning them with oversized custom bronze cast pulls she designed with the Belgium-based bespoke architectural hardware company, van Cronenburg.

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Add Contrast With a Colorful Island

Give your kitchen some sex appeal by picking a color for your kitchen island cabinets, rather than sticking with your all-white theme. It will make your white cabinets look even more crisp and be an easily changeable statement piece that anchors your overall kitchen design.

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Pick Bold, Beautiful Appliances

The clean, neutral look of a kitchen with white cabinets helps statement-making appliances pop—just take a look at this stunning design by Syd and Shea McGee of Studio McGee. They painted the kitchen cabinets a subdued, off-white hue, Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore, to help the blue-gray hue shine.

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Try Something Different

Break up a row of white kitchen cabinets and add some vintage flair to your kitchen with a fabric sink skirt. Keeping the color consistent, rather than opting for a showy print or different hue, pulls the look together and keeps a kitchen skirt from looking tacky.

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Look Organized

Crisp white floor-to-ceiling cabinets not only give you tons of extra storage space, but they’ll help your kitchen look more streamlined and tidy too, by helping your cabinetry blend into the walls. These custom beauties from Killowen Cabinet Co. have just enough texture to make them interesting, without overpowering the space.

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Layer Textures and Finishes

Sleek, shiny white marble countertops paired with shiplap accented walls add layers of interest to this all-white kitchen design, making it anything but boring. Mimic the look by pairing various textures and finishes together in your space to help your all-white kitchen make an even bigger impact.

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Accessorize Your Countertops

White kitchen cabinets create a clean base for any decorative accessories you want to incorporate into your space—especially when paired with white counters and white walls. Style your space with plants, artwork, or pretty kitchen supplies that you can update as often as you like to breathe new life into your space.

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Hang Statement Lighting

When you have white kitchen cabinets, it’s easy to add color and style in unexpected ways—such as a cool pair of pendants hanging over your kitchen island, like designer Becki Owens chose for this kitchen makeover.

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Go Sleek

Nothing looks more sleek and modern than shiny seamless white kitchen cabinets, as YouTuber Ashlee White’s cool kitchen proves. Accentuate the cabinets’ clean lines by pairing them with rustic accent, like these worn leather dining chairs she scored on eBay.

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Make Small Kitchens Look Larger

If you want to instantly make your kitchen feel more airy, white kitchen cabinets are a must. This adorable U-shaped butler’s pantry looks far larger than it really is thanks to the all-white color scheme chosen by the trio behind Three Birds Renovations and founders of The Reno School. Amplify your look with one-of-a-kind drawer pulls, like these beauties from Sibella Court.

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Play With Texture

Even though white is a timeless choice for your kitchen cabinet color, you can still think outside-of-the-box when it comes to choosing cabinet door styles. A beadboard design adds textural interest without overpowering the rest of your space.

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Enhance Architectural Accents

Break up the clean look of white kitchen cabinets by accenting other architectural details of your space. In this farmhouse remodel designed by the folks at Inhance Interiors, exposed wooden beams and black-trimmed windows add a hint of drama to an otherwise all-white kitchen.

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Customize Your Look

Combine white kitchen cabinet bases with sleek wood open shelving to create a trendy, customized look that best suits your needs.

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Make it Work With Any Aesthetic

If this stunning small kitchen can’t make you fall in love with white cabinets, then nothing will. As this adorable space proves, white kitchen cabinets create the perfect foundation for any type of aesthetic, allowing your more charming décor elements to take center stage.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Mix-and-Match

White kitchen cabinets were made to mix-and-match. In this Montreal home, Canadian architectural designer Catherine Lambert expertly mixes white kitchen cabinets with dusty gray-green accent cabinets for an unexpected—yet totally appealing—look.

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Accent With Patterned Flooring

Opting for white cabinets in your kitchen gives you some wiggle room to play with other elements of your room’s design. Quirky black-and-white flooring adds character to this quaint Parisian kitchen.

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Combine Cabinet Styles

You don’t have to pick just one kind of kitchen cabinet style and stick with it. If you’re worried about your white kitchen cabinets looking boring, mix in a secondary style—like a few glass-front cabinets—as an accent to break up the look.

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Choose Bold, Black Accents

When it comes to design, contrast is king. That’s why incorporating a few strategic bold décor accents, such as black satin pendants like these, emphasizes just how white and bright your kitchen cabinets are.

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Liven up your look with plants

Plants can breathe new life into any room—even in your kitchen. Accessorizing your space with numerous types of live plants (or faux ones if you have a black thumb) will help your white kitchen cabinets look a lot less boring.

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Less Is More

Sometimes, over-decorating a kitchen can make it feel cluttered and cramped. So when you’re lucky enough to have white kitchen cabinets, try keeping the rest of your look clean and simple. To do this, accent with neutral colors or organic materials and keep the rest of your décor understated so your kitchen always looks cool, calm and collected.