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28 Striking White Living Rooms to Inspire Your Next Redesign

True Home

True Home

Whether you’re aiming for contemporary or cottage, beachy or boho, white is the perfect base for your living room design. Layering shades of cream and eggshell in your living room instantly creates a calm aesthetic ready for other layers of décor, and pops of rich ivory against a bold backdrop are sure to add drama and dimension to your space. "As much as I love color, there’s nothing like a white room when you want clean sophistication," says designer Kelly Hurliman.

Meet the Expert

Kelly Hurliman is an interior designer and founder of the full-service design studio Kelly Hurliman Design.

No matter your design taste, white sets the stage. Below, find 28 of our favorite white living rooms to inspire your next redesign.

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Catch the Eye With Texture

White living room with neutral accents.

Design: Jessica Nelson; Photo: Carina Skrobecki

Color isn't the only tool for a playful design. If you love neutral tones, use textured finishes to add visual interest. A painted brick fireplace or a soft linen curtain can soften a stark white and draw attention to an otherwise simple color choice.

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Pair White With a Bold Color

If Walls Could Talk

If Walls Could Talk

When it comes to complementary colors, white knows no stranger. Consider white walls as your backdrop for a striking statement piece. This design features understated drapes, artwork, and lighting to make room for a deep, royal blue sectional. "White gives you a clean slate to go in any direction—to add color in the furniture, keep it neutral, black and white, or layer in texture with an all-white palette," Hurliman says.

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Pick a Subtle Print

Lindsey Brooke Design

Design: Lindsey Brooke; Photo: Amy Bartlam

With proper placement, simple details can leave a strong impression. Dress up white with a delicate print, like this faint grid pattern surrounding the fireplace, which ties the room together while maintaining its place as the center of attention.

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Make the Room Feel Larger

Design: Cathie Hong; Photo: Margaret Austin

Design: Cathie Hong; Photo: Margaret Austin

If you're searching for design ideas that fit a smaller footprint, use white to create the illusion of more space. This petite living room features minimal décor set against a solid white backdrop, transforming cramped into cozy.

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Play With Fine Lines

White living room with modern accents.

Design: Courtney Nye; Photo: Amy Bartlam

For a modern aesthetic, incorporate fine lines in your white living room design. Select a sleek, ivory sofa and mirror the soft curves in your lighting and accent chairs. Have some fun with unique and abstract shapes.

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Introduce Some Rustic Charm

Rustic white living room with wooden beams.

Design: D2 Interiors; Photo: Amy Bartlam

With leather details, reclaimed woods, and earthy shades, rustic design exudes warmth. However, even this style makes room for white. The living room by D2 Interiors uses a crisp white on the walls to make architectural elements like dark beams and a red brick fireplace stand out.

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Aim for Naturalistic

Rustic neutral living room.

Design: Allie Boesch; Photo: Amy Bartlam

For a restful retreat, keep your color palette simple. Limit yourself to neutral tones and natural materials to create a relaxed feel. Weave in organic textures like cane, rattan, and wicker to add a raw and earthy aesthetic.

Shades like navy, sage, and blush can also act as neutral tones, but use them sparingly to maintain a minimal aesthetic.

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Layer White on White

White Scandi inspired living room.

True Home

For a hygge vibe in your living room design, cover the room in creamy hues. Pile on pillows and blankets, trading vibrant colors for touchable textures. Natural lighting and a couple of well-placed plants can provide some added warmth. Top it off with a glass of wine and a good book, and you’re ready to curl up for a quiet evening in. "I always think of classic French interiors and how they often start with white walls," Hurliman says. "Performance fabrics have come such a long way, it’s easier than ever to use light fabrics. I also have my clients get furniture pieces and rugs treated so no room, however light, has to be off-limits!"

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Elevate Your Style

Eclectic living room.

Rikki Snyder

As you contemplate ideas for your remodel, don't forget to look up. Give your living room a palatial feel with a grand feature overhead. This chic design matches a gorgeous box beam ceiling with elaborate elements below to round out a room fit for royalty.

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Set White and Black Side by Side

White modern living room.

Design: JDP Interiors; Photo: Amy Bartlam

It's true what they say: opposites attract. From paper and print to piano keys, no two colors pair quite as well as black and white. Set these cozy companions side by side in your artwork, throw pillows, décor, and more for a classic living room design.

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Add a Touch of Greenery

Boho living room with plants.

Black and Blooms

If your design feels nearly complete, a hint of green may be all you need. Liven up your white décor with a little greenery in your living space. Try a sprawling vine overhead or a fiddle leaf fig in the corner.

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Find Space for Furs

White luxe living room.

Katherine Carter

With a velvet couch, a glass chandelier, and gold accents dotting the design, your extravagant living room needs just one final touch: fur. Faux fur details can transport your drab design into a dreamy escape. With the addition of a fluffy throw or ottoman, you’ll be living in the lap of luxury.

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Dress Up the Windows

Neutral modern living room.

Katie Hodges Design

White linen curtains can add an air of sophistication to your living room design. Position your curtain rods higher to make the room feel larger and make sure the drapes sit just above the floor.

To make the windows pop, layer the drapes over bamboo shades.

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Go for Gold

Living room with royal blue accents.

If Walls Could Talk

After you’ve selected the paint swatches and the statement pieces, add some jewelry. Start with shades of white as a base for your design, then throw in gold accents in your lamps and décor for a little dramatic flair. With these dazzling accessories on display, your room will be ready to party.

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Display Décor With Decorative Shelving

White living room with built in shelving.

JK Interior Living

Storage is a must-have for any modern family, but who says you can’t spruce it up? With white built-in shelving as the backdrop, you’ll have space to showcase your style in a practical fashion. This gorgeous living room uses a chocolate shade to highlight books and pottery for an even sweeter scene.

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Add a Shag Area Rug

Neutral living room with wooden coffee table.

Jenn Pablo Studio

Burnt orange and avocado green have had their day, but today’s trending shag is all white. Blanket the living room in a fuzzy area rug for the ultimate oasis.

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Combine Opposing Shapes

Neutral living room with white chairs.

Rikki Snyder

Feel free to mix and match shapes and sizes in your living room design. While the color palette is kept subdued in this design, the furniture selection and layout defies expectations with four boxy white chairs surrounding a dark round coffee table, as opposed to a traditional sectional or loveseat.

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Play up Vintage Architecture

White living room with gray velvet sofas.

Design: Jessica Nelson; Photo: Carina Skrobecki

Before you coat the wall in an eggshell or alabaster shade, consider some paneling for added visual interest. This Tudor-style home flaunts its age and appeal with classic picture frame molding. The velvet couches and bronze sconces add a touch of class to the timeless design.

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Set the Scene With Wallpaper

White living room with wallpapered accent wall.

Katherine Carter

Wallpaper is trending once again, and the options are endless. By placing a subtle aspen print next to a glass garage door, this modern wallpaper playfully mirrors the outdoors. Take advantage of a fun pattern to wrap up your design style and wow your guests.

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Make the Mantel Pop

White rustic living room with tall ceilings and chandelier.

JK Interior Living

The fireplace can act as the leading role in your living room design. Dress it in a white that’s worthy of the spotlight. This towering stone fireplace, flanked by columns of curtains and crowned with a white mantel, is certainly worthy of applause.

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Blend Two Styles in One Space

White living room with mustard sofa.

Design: Jette Creative; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Don't be afraid to draw stylistic influences from more than one genre. For example, this casual living room features vintage details in the ceiling as well as clean, modern lines in the furniture. From mountain contemporary to coastal cottage, white welcomes styles of all types.

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Feature a Gallery Wall

White living room with large gallery wall.

Rebecca Rollins

For a living room design that's true to its name, make "living" the centerpiece. Put your life and loved ones on display with a gorgeous gallery wall in black and white. This is one focal point that will make you feel right at home.

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Let Your White Shine

White living room with glossy white tiling.

Design: Kirsten Marie; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Catch guests by surprise with a subtle shine in your white living room. We are loving this glossy tile choice for a cozy, casual space, paired with gray-blue and light wood furniture.

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Show Off Your Curves

White living room with curved sofa.

Anne Sage

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. A couch with curves is the centerpiece you need to achieve a contemporary feel and flaunt your fashion sense. This design features a surprising spin on traditional throw pillows to match the avant-garde aesthetic.

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Aim for a High-Contrast Color Palette

Black and white living room.

Brophy Interiors

Give your living room a black-tie vibe with minimal, high-contrast colors. By alternating white and black, this classic design curated by Laura Brophy balances simplicity and sophistication.

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Invite the Outdoors In

White living room with large jute rug.

Desiree Burns Interiors

Still seeking inspiration for your next remodel? Let the outdoors be your muse. Integrate organic elements and traces of green, like in this living room design by Desiree Burns, which features a jute rug, a driftwood coffee table, and a leaf-print throw pillow.

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Pull Color From Abstract Artwork

White living room with long white drapes.

Reena Sotropa

If you're craving a designer's direction, let art be your guide. Choose an abstract art piece as the focal point for your living room design, and mimic the colors in your décor selection. In this serene living space, designer Reena Sotropa brings mustard yellows and cool blues from the print over the mantel down to the pillows on the couch.

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Incorporate Soft Lighting

Blue and white living room with wooden beams.

Whittney Parkinson

To wrap up your remodel, highlight white with soft lighting. Thoughtfully position your floor and table lamps near textured décor and dark tones to create contrast.