The Dos and Don'ts of Decorating a White Interior

We imagine an all-white room is to an interior designer what a blank canvas is to a painter. The potential for a bleached-out backdrop is exciting, but the expectations are incredibly daunting. We have so many questions… What colors pair well with a milky-hued home? How do you create visual interest and break up the monotony? Which furniture styles suit the ivory aesthetic?

To help answer our queries on how to create stylish yet serene all-white spaces, we quizzed Will Taylor, celebrated interior designer and author of Dream Décor. He truly believes "beige is boring" and has inspired a legion of aspiring decorators (140,000 Instagram followers and over 2.4 million Pinterest followers, to be exact) with his accessible approach to color. So we put his knack for pairing intriguing hues with interesting textures to the test. Read on to discover a few simple dos and don'ts for creating a dynamic white space you'll love.