Scientists Agree—Avoid This Popular Drink Over the Holidays

As if you needed another reason to question your love for wine, a new study out of Brown University has found a surprising link between alcohol consumption and melanoma, reports Health. White wine had the most significant impact on melanoma risk, beating out red wine, beer, and liquor. While doctors have speculated that alcohol may make us more susceptible to sunburns, the new research indicates there's something else going on beneath the surface of our skin.

To reach this conclusion, Eunyoung Cho, a professor of dermatology at the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown, collected data from three separate studies spanning 210,252 participants, who each divulged information about their drinking habits, living situation, and health and skincare history. After an 18-year period, the researchers found that approximately 1%, or 1374 of the participants, had been diagnosed with invasive melanoma. What's more shocking, each glass of white wine consumed was associated with a 13% increased risk of melanoma.

"Other alcoholic beverages did show some positive correlation, but did not reach statistical significance," said Cho. "For now, I would say that alcohol in general is related, and I would emphasize that white wine is particularly related."

Head over to the American Association for Cancer Research for more information, and share your white wine alternative below.