Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey Want to Help You Get Dressed in the Morning

Here at MyDomaine, we’re champions of female-founded, -owned, and -operated businesses—after all, our company was founded by two fearless women. That’s why we’re collaborating with Who What Wear to launch Female Founded, a new editorial series that dives into the stories of those who launched their own businesses. Here you’ll discover who these women are, find out what they've accomplished, and see how they style pieces from our own Who What Wear collection at Target.

Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey are quite the entrepreneurial pair. Decker, an actress, and Casey, a former broadcast journalist, combined forces to take on an important issue that every person faces daily: getting dressed. Decker and Casey saw a white space in the fashion and tech world and developed an app to help people manage their wardrobes.

Dubbed Finery, the app keeps track of all your online purchases and manually entered clothing items so you can plan your outfits ahead of time. With their game-changing app, you can plan what to pack for an upcoming trip on your morning commute or pick out an outfit for date night on your lunch break. It's like having your closet in your back pocket at all times.

Ahead, Decker and Casey reflect on starting their own business, the advice they'd give to their young selves, and what's next for Finery.