Who Should Pay on the First Date? 18 Men and Women Sound Off

It’s an age-old question, but when it comes to who pays on the first date, it seems we’re still undecided. In the past, paying for dates was generally the man’s role, but with today’s blurrier gender roles, do these dated expectations still apply? More women are leaning in at work and reigniting the feminist flame in a quest for gender equality, so should they be just as responsible for covering the cost of a first date? The dating app phenomenon also means we’re going on first dates more often, so is going Dutch the answer? Time columnist Farnoosh Torabi believes women should let men pay because “he wants to impress you, so let him” and that if you go Dutch, it probably means you never want to see that person again. In our recent MyDomaine research, we asked a range of men and women of all ages and locations who they think should pay on a first date, and the answers varied greatly, from the traditional to the feminist. While our study asked heterosexual couples, do similar rules apply for other relationships, or are they a whole different ball game? Scroll down to read who our daters think should foot the bill.