Meet Our Sister Site Who What Wear!

If you're a fan of what we're doing over here at MyDomaine, we've got good news for you: We've got lots more pretty editorial for you here at our company, Clique. In addition to home décor and lifestyle, we're also major fashion fanatics. Are you too?

Then it's time you checked out our sister site Who What Wear for all things fashion, trends, street style, and celebrity. From secrets for making your outfit look more expensive to the Zara outfit every girl in New York is wearing to the five-piece French wardrobe that will change you life to the trick for wearing high heels without pain, the style destination serves up boundless fashion inspiration and advice, daily.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite Instagram posts from Who What Wear and get a sense of the vibe, and be sure to check out the site for yourself, too!