All About the New Whole Foods Perk Geared Toward Millennials

Who has time for grocery shopping these days? Certainly not millennials. Could we get them to shop more by offering grocery deliveries? That’s the line of thinking behind Whole Foods’ latest partnership. The company has just announced a five-year deal with Instacart, an Internet-based food delivery service, reports Re/Code. The national grocery store is making an investment in the food delivery startup, although neither company is revealing any more details about their unique relationship. Both sides hope to benefit from the deal: Whole Foods wants to attract the younger, more technology-driven millennial shopper, and Instacart hopes to gain stability, credibility, and revenue. For now, Instacart and Whole Foods work together in 16 cities, but who knows what will happen in the coming five years?

If you’re heading to the grocery store, bring a cheeky tote and use it to carry your fresh ingredients home.

Have you ever shopped with Instacart? What did you think of the service?