How to Save Big at Whole Foods, According to People Who Work There

Updated 03/02/17
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Whole Foods Market is a go-to for premium produce, but it tends to get a bad rap among those who grocery shop on a budget. If you love the store's organic food and boutique-style products but can't justify the spend, former employee Amanda Polick says there are a ton of ways to save. 

"The reason that you spend so much at Whole Foods is because you have so many options to choose from that you could spend your whole paycheck there, and some people do—if they aren't prepared," she explains in an article for Cooking Light.

Despite its reputation, she says it is possible to be frugal at Whole Foods. "When I shop there, I have a strict grocery budget: $20–$25 for a week's worth of groceries." Impressive, right? The key to cutting your bill is shopping on specific days. Polick reveals the store operates a number of regular sales, which result in serious savings. 

These are the best days to shop at Whole Foods, according to a former employee.

If you only shop at Whole Foods one day each week, it should be Friday. This is when the store holds its one-day sales. "These sales equal big savings, so make sure you look at the One-Day Sale signs throughout the store and at the register," Polick says. "From wine to fish to produce, there is not much that the One-Day Sale has not touched."

"Wednesdays are when new sales begin. So, if you see yellow tags throughout the store, those are sale signs! Check them out," she says. If you don't need a sale item immediately, look in the lower left-hand corner or upper right-hand corner of the tag. It'll tell you how long the sale runs so you can plan accordingly. 

Weekends are the best time to buy fresh produce, prepared foods, meat, and seafood, Polick says. "That's the time when these items are marked down, so you can load up." She recommends picking up a copy of the store's Whole Deal book for additional discounts. 

How do you save money at Whole Foods? Share your shopping tips below. 

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