Whom, A New Direct-to-Consumer Brand, is All About Personalization and Personality

room with pink walls and white chair


As much as it pains me to say this, summer is almost over, and we’re about to transition into a new (albeit much cooler) season. Which honestly, for me, is enough of an excuse to start thinking about changing things up at home. Nothing major, but I feel like a new chair for the living room or a new piece of art would do the trick and help break me out of my current decorating rut. But where to shop when you don’t want to drop a fortune on a chair or have the exact same sofa as your neighbor?

We’re all familiar with the big box stores and major players in the online home décor space, but I bet you haven’t heard of Whom yet. They’re a brand new direct-to-consumer furniture brand focused on sustainability and custom built pieces. The brand launched this August with a wide variety of styles for basically every room in the house. And when you factor in the three different metal finishes (matte black, brass, silver), over 50 fabrics in a dozen different weave styles, and three different wood stain options, the number of pieces you can create is, well, pretty endless.

Each of Whom’s products is named for a specific type of personality, which is kind of cheeky and fun (though some of the marketing images with models are a bit much, but I digress).

white chair with black base
Whom The Connoisseur Accent Chair $1166

I love The Connoisseur, which has an angular metal frame, yet somehow, with its sloped back cushion and seat, still looks comfortable to sit in. Depending on the color of upholstery you select, it could read as glam and girly or architectural and minimalist.

black coffee table
Whom The Alchemist Coffee Table $988

I’m also into the versatility of The Alchemist coffee table. It’s modular, so you’re pretty much getting three tables for the price of one. And the fact that the tables nest is clutch for any small space.

Both of those pieces cost around $1,000, so Whom is not exactly cheap. But trust that this level of personalization elsewhere would cost you more. And you probably wouldn’t get your order in two to four weeks time, which is what Whom promises for all items.

Make no mistake about it though—Whom is fast, but it’s not fast fashion for home. Pieces are hand finished by craftsmen. Whom’s hardwood lumber is sustainably harvested, their North American factory has a zero-waste policy, and they use recycled polystyrene in their mirrors, picture frames, and wall décor. Translation: these are not the type of purchases you leave on the curb when you move.

 And did I mention Whom also offers pillows, artwork, and decorative accessories? There’s really something for everyone. There’s even a collection of pet beds and bowls that are among the chicest I’ve ever seen. So go ahead, and get lost on their site. At the very least, you’ll get a kick out of their product names and hopefully, a little inspiration for your next big seasonal refresh. I know I did. 

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