Are You Constantly Tired? Science Says This Is the Culprit

It can be hard to muster back-to-work energy after a long and blissful holiday break, but if you notice the slump lasts for a prolonged period, experts suggest your body could be trying to send a message.

According to Livestrong, it's perfectly normal to feel lackluster every now and then, but if you constantly feel drained, it could be a subtle reflection of your health or lifestyle choices. From sitting for hours at a desk to having low blood sugar, here are a few leading causes of tiredness—and how to fix them.

Periodic Limb Movements

You're logging six to eight hours of sleep each night, so why do you still feel tired? According to Livestrong, the issue could be periodic limb movements during sleep (PLMS), which can disrupt your rest. People with PLMS have involuntary movements while sleeping that can last from minutes to hours.

The Fix: "While some medications can be effective in managing PLMS, treatment is really only necessary if the condition results in insomnia, daytime fatigue, or is accompanied by restless legs," Livestrong recommends.


"Inactivity not only zaps your energy level but also hinders your desire to want to be active," says Scott Weiss, physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist at Bodhizone Physical Therapy and Wellness in New York. Although you're not exerting energy, leading a sedentary lifestyle makes it harder to get a restful, deep night of sleep.

The Fix: Aim to incorporate more movement into your daily routine—walk home from work if possible, step outside during your lunch break, and try to stand up and stretch after hours of sitting at your desk.

Low Blood Sugar

Prolonged fatigue could be a result of low blood sugar levels, says exercise physiologist Scott Weiss. Symptoms such as shaking, confusion, and anxiety could indicate hypoglycemia, a condition where blood sugar levels are extremely low.

The Fix: Talk to a healthcare professional about running lab tests to determine the cause.

Try one of these calming nightly routines to prompt your mind and body to relax before bed.