Why Your Teenage Friendships Didn’t Last

While I’m proud to say that two of my closest friends are girls that I met in seventh grade, I realize I am in the minority. The majority of people are no longer friends with their middle school and junior high besties and a new study explains why.

Late last week, Science of Us wrote about new findings published in Psychological Science that revealed that only 1 percent of friendships formed in seventh grade last through high school. For the study, 410 students were tracked over the course of their middle-school and high-school careers. The reason why the friendships didn’t last? The kids were too different.

While this isn’t that surprising—differences break marriages apart all the time—it’s the fact that nothing else (sex, age, aggressiveness, academic competence, ethnicity, and popularity) affected the friendships that is interesting. It’s sad to think that the differences between friends can cause a relationship to end, but it makes sense.

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Where did you meet your oldest friend?