Why "Me" Time Is Essential For Your Happiness

It’s become commonplace to say that you need a mental health day. That usually means you’re playing hooky from the office so that you can catch up on some much needed sleep, resume your gym regimen, or recover from the night before. But there seems to be a social taboo surrounding the need for that unplugged, totally dedicated “me” time. When friends ask if you’re busy Saturday night and you reply that you have plans with a big bubble bath and The Knock-Off, it’s assumed that you’re not actually busy. In reality, scheduling and keeping that “me” time is one of the most important things on your calendar.

According to Happify, Studies at the University of Michigan found that a lack of privacy or “me” time has a greater impact on the happiness of a marriage than a less-than-satisfying sex life. Not only does quality private time improve your relationship, it also leads to a better work-life balance, greater wellbeing, and increased engagement at work. So set your alarm clock early or block out that Friday evening as time just for you!

Head on over to MindBodyGreen to check out the details and awesome infographic on why psychologists say alone time is crucial for a happier, healthier life.

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