Successful People Have More Sex, According to Science

Updated 05/08/19
Vanni Bassetti /Getty Images

The idea that highly successful people also have more sex is one personified by a few somewhat stereotypical characters within our popular culture. But a closer look at the psychological and physiological facts behind this oversimplification reveals some interesting facts about the relationship between success and sex. As explained by Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, clinical director of Maze Women's Sexual Health, the connecting trait between success and sex drive is fairly obvious: testosterone (in both men and women!).


"High levels of testosterone really do make people more aggressive, more confident, and have higher sex drives," says Marcus in a new video for Business Insider. "But for us to understand that testosterone is a driving force for strength, leadership, aggression, [as well as] sex drive, [we have to understand that] it's very common that those two things live together." Marcus goes on to point out that the people we typically think of as successful in today's day and age—business owners, COOs, entrepreneurs, etc.—are also typically very charming, engaging, and tend to have a lot of sexual conquests.

"It's not at all surprising to me that all the studies seem to suggest that people who are very successful in business also have very high sex drives," concludes Marcus. 

While Marcus's explanation seems like a somewhat gendered analysis, keep in mind that testosterone is essential to women's health as well as men's. According to Everyday Health, testosterone plays an essential role in a woman's sex drive as well as her bone health, in addition to helping her manage pain and preserve cognitive function in old age.

Head over to Business Insider for Marcus's full explanation.

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