4 Reasons Your Boss Isn't Promoting You (According to a Real Manager)

Updated 02/21/18
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

There are few professional setbacks more disheartening than getting denied for a promotion. Even if a lack of budget was the deciding factor, you may find yourself wondering what you could have done differently. In an attempt to answer that question, writer and Florida-based entrepreneur Daniel Wesley penned an eye-opening piece on the common reasons managers don't promote (or regret promoting) employees. "In the many years since I started my first company, I've had my fair share of experience promoting people," write Wesley on Business Insider.

"Some of the people I've promoted from within have made me infinitely proud, but others have filled me with regret. The difference between them? Some wanted a fancier title; some actually wanted to succeed long-term." More specifically, the following four reasons may have factored into why your promotion didn't pan out:

1. You refuse to accommodate your team. "Selfishness is a huge red flag. Leading a team or growing a business means sacrificing personal time and energy."

2. You act like a buddy instead of a leader. "Immaturity can also prevent good employees from becoming great leaders. Leaders should encourage open, honest dialogues—but they should stay office-appropriate and should avoid veering toward too-personal territory."

3. You don't believe in the company itself. "If an otherwise rock-star employee doesn't think the company has a future, no amount of compensation will change that outlook."

4. You can't maintain focus. "Leaders who can't stay focused risk hurting the company, too. I once promoted an employee who did amazing work in a supporting role but was a terrible leader—too many last-minute developments and a lack of communication and clarity from this person made for a difficult atmosphere that no one appreciated."

Head over to Business Insider for more from Wesley.

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