5 Things to Talk About Today

  • A Wisconsin man has paid the ultimate tribute to his late wife by planting a four-mile stretch of sunflowers. When his wife, Babbette, died of cancer last November, Don Jaquish spent an entire week planting nearly 400 acres of sunflowers, “She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside,” Jaquish, 65, told ABC News. Now he plans to sell the sunflower seeds and donate a portion of the proceeds to hospitals, research, and patient advocacy. — ABC News
  • The U.K. is testing new roads that charge cars as they drive. We all love the greener, cleaner electric vehicles, but when they run out of battery power? Not so much. The usual plug-and-charge option might soon be replaced if the new charging roads are successful. Using magnetic induction technology, cables are buried underneath the highway that generate electromagnetic fields. These are "picked up by a receiver in the car and transformed into electric power." — Money 
  • The town of Baldwin, Michigan, wanted to send all its kids to college, so it did. In the past, college wasn't much of an option for many of the students in the population-1200 town, so the city combined its money to provide scholarships for everyone. Now, almost all the graduating students from the local high school are going to a four-year college, community college, or technical school. — The Atlantic
  • Two women have become the first female soldiers to wear the Army Ranger tabs on their uniforms. The women made military history after they passed the combat training program required to complete the U.S. Army's grueling Ranger Course. According to a statement from the Army, this program teaches students "how to overcome fatigue, hunger, and stress to lead soldiers during small unit combat operations." — Yahoo
  • Read and Ride is a new kids classroom that allows kids to ride a stationery bike while they read. Scott Ertl, an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was reading a book on his exercise bike at the gym when the idea sparked. When the principal of the school agreed, he trialed one exercise bike in the corner of his classroom. When it turned out to be a hit, he sought more bikes via Craigslist and garage sales until he had enough to fill an entire spare room. The kids love it. — Upworthy