5 Things to Talk About Today

  • Have you ever wondered where your text goes when you hit "send"? Well a new app lets you visualize the electric signals bouncing around you. Even though you can't see them, it's easy to forget Wi-Fi is around us all the time. Architecture of Radio, developed by Richard Vijgen, "visualizes the overlapping signals that envelop us" from cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, and satellites flying overhead in space. While it looks beautiful, the result is kind of horrifying, too, and a subtle reminder that our digital and real worlds are very much one. — Business Insider
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are registering to vote for the first time in the country's 83-year history. The royal decree, passed in 2011, will allow women the right to vote, and women can even run in municipal elections, come December. According to an Arab News report, 70 women have already made their intent to run known. But how much of a say they actually will have is still to be determined. — Marie Claire 
  • Four hundred of the world's richest people lost $124 billion collectively on Black Monday. Wang Jianlin, the richest person in Asia and chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group, lost more than any other billionaire ($3.6 billion!), and former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates came in next with a loss of more than $3.2 billion. While it sounds like a lot of money, for the billionaires, it's "less significant than it sounds": Wang still has a fortune of $31.2 billion. — International Business Times
  • A dad's reaction to his son choosing a doll at the toy store goes viral. Mikki Willis of Ojai, California, posted a video to Facebook that showed his 4-year-old son, Azai, holding up a mermaid doll he picked out himself. In the video, Mikki says "I let my boys choose their life," offering a powerful message that breaks down traditional gender barriers. The inspiring video has reached more than 14 million views in four days. — People
  • If you're looking for work, check out Chipotle on "National Career Day." The fast-food chain aims to hire 4,000 people in one day. On September 9, between 8 and 11 a.m., each U.S. Chipotle location will hold open interviews for 60 applicants. According to company spokesman Chris Arnold, most of the roles will be "entry-level crew jobs" taking orders and preparing food, but he added that "those jobs have a lot of potential for growth." — USA Today