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14 Window Box Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal

calimia home window box ideas

Design: Calimia Home; Photo: Karla Garcia.

As self-proclaimed interior design enthusiasts, it's easy to prioritize what the inside of our spaces look like. And, while finding the perfect paint shade or testing out the latest trends will always be important, there's plenty of style for a home's facade, too. Whether you're planning an outdoor soiree or receiving lots of takeout orders, a home's exterior is getting a lot of attention these days.

If you want to give your home an extra dose of curb appeal, you might want to consider adding a window box to your space. Equal parts lush and eye-catching, windows boxes can look good in every size and style of home.

Need proof? Discover 16 stunning window box ideas to make your great outdoors oh-so-stylish.

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Keep Your Proportions in Check

once upon a 1912

Once Upon a 1912

On the hunt for a fail-safe way to master your window box idea? Install window boxes that are just as wide as your glass panes. Kay of Once Upon a 1912 fashioned her window boxes to stop nicely at the trim, making her setup easy on the eyes.

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Go Long

finding silver pennies window box

Finding Silver Pennies

Or, if you want to make the most with your home's facade, consider sticking with one very long window box. A lengthier style is perfect for two windows that are close together, as seen in this coastal retreat.

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Pair With a Garden

calimia home

Design: Calimia Home; Photo: Karla Garcia.

Why limit your leafy greens to your window boxes? If you want to think outside of the box—pun intended—consider this arrangement. Designers Gustaf Svensson and Monique Miller offset this sweet, symmetrical setup with a lush array of potted plants, colorful trees, and shrubbery. The result? A stunning window box idea with a jungle-like twist.

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The Wall Trough Treatment

window box nikola art

Getty Images/Nikola Art.

For a charming way to blur the lines between your home's structure and Mother Nature herself, enlist a wall trough to get the job done. Typically made with a steel bar and hay-like liner, this window box idea will bring an English garden charm to any space.

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Pack on the Pigment

window boxes

Getty Images/Grace Cary.

A window box can be an excellent opportunity to add some much-needed color to your home's exterior. But, which color to choose? Well, you can't go wrong with green. It's the perfect mix of subtle and statement, as far as we're concerned.

Not only will it pop nicely against your home's structure, but it'll also blend in nicely with your lush foliage.

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Go Natural

shade of blue interiors

Shades of Blue Interiors

For a window box idea that will add plenty of curb appeal without upstaging the rest of your yard, take a cue from Shades of Blue Interiors. The natural, cedar window box here offers a major "wow" factor all while paying homage to the great outdoors.

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Rearrange Your Window Box

window box ideas shavonda gardner

Shavonda Gardner

Anyone who thinks the below-the-widow box is a tad predictable will find a lot to love about Shavonda Gardner's setup, who installed two planters on each side of her windows. The California-based creative's simple shuffle has the feel of a traditional window box, but packs on a bunch of visual intrigue.

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Reimagine Your Window Box With Planters

homemade by carmona

Ursula Carmona of Homemade by Carmona.

As a DIY rookie, the mere thought of installing window boxes might seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way. For an easy-to-complete window box alternative, consider placing raised planters right below your window. This luscious arrangement from Ursula Carmona of Homemade by Carmona gets the job done in style.

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DIY a Window Shelf

dwell aware window box idea

Dwell Aware

Calling all plant parents: prepare to fall in love with this clever window shelf idea, courtesy of Dwell Aware's Amanda Walker. Unlike a typical window box idea—which can feel somewhat permanent—a window shelf can be updated as you see fit.

Psst...this is a great idea for anyone who will want to switch up their foliage rotation or bring their plants inside during inclement weather.

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Make Your Window Boxes Blend In

liz marie blog

 Liz Marie Blog

Give your home's exterior the monochromatic treatment by matching your window box to your home's facade. For this shed, blogger Liz Marie Galvan coordinated the window box with her white exterior and tonal shutters. Best of all? The all-white palette makes her whimsical purple blooms pop.

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Mix and Match

my chic obsession

My Chic Obsession

Why settle for one material for your window box idea when you can play around with a few? Carolyn Arentson of My Chic Obsession selected this elegant window box, made with metal and wood. (Pro tip: if you want to give your home's facade a seasonal twist come fall, take a cue from the blogger, who filled her window boxes with small pumpkins and warm-toned blooms.)

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Embrace Symmetry

getty images window box ideas

Getty Images/travelif

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a symmetrical window box idea. From the coordinating boxes and blooms inside, this setup is equal parts tidy and aesthetically pleasing. The yard-equivalent to ASMR? We certainly think so.

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Decorate Your Window Box

getty images

Getty Images/Victoria Pearson

Contrary to popular belief, a window box doesn't have to be a bland rectangle. Fancify your setup with a sweet picket trim, which honors yet another sweet yard staple.

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Accessorize With Edible Plants

julie blanner window box

Julie Blanner

There's more to mastering a window box idea than its style or color. As Julie Blanner proves, it's also important to think long and hard about the plants you actually place inside. Here, the blogger filled her window box with edible blooms such as begonias, carnations, clover, day lilies, lavender, and impatiens, among others.