Cat Wine Is Now a Thing—Seriously

If you ever feel guilty for sipping on a glass of Pinot at home while your feline friend disdainfully looks on, a Denver-based wine company has devised a solution. According to Brit+Co, you and your cat can now Netflix and chill together with a glass of Pinot Meow, thanks to a range of cat-friendly wine by Apollo Peak.

The all-natural faux vino is made with the finest ingredients "to entice even the most picky of cats," the company website says. And don't worry—your furry friend won't suffer a hangover. The product is made from locally sourced catnip and organic beets to mimic the color of wine.

Discerning cats can choose between two flavors: Pinot Meow and MosCATo. If they'd like to sample the wine like a true sommelier, the company also sells mini bottles in 1.6-"meownce single tastings." 

Want to treat your furry S.O. to a glass of wine? Shop the product below and tell us if it was up to those picky pet standards.