Who Knew? The Wine Spritzer Is Cool Again

Confession: I love wine spritzers. I know you’re thinking: wine spritzers?! Why would anyone want to drink wine diluted with bubbly water?! Let me explain. A wine spritzer is a light and refreshing low-alcohol cocktail that can be sipped at any time of day—morning, noon, or night. Spritzes can be found all over Spain and Italy, where the drink is served in countless variations: with Coke, lemon-lime soda, or aperitifs like Aperol. While the fizzy drink was wildly popular in U.S. in the 1980s, it fell out of fashion during the craft cocktail boom. However, the beverage is quietly becoming cool again.

Last summer, Bon Appétit  described the spritz as “thirst-quenching, festive, and consumable with day-drinking levels of ease,” and then dubbed it the cocktail of the season. Since then, everyone from Eater to the Wine Enthusiast has jumped on the wine spritzer bandwagon. Just yesterday, Bloomberg Business called the spritz “ideal for sipping in the golden hour before dinner” and described it not as a drink but a way of life. If this isn’t enough to convince you to stir up an ice-filled spritz, I’ve found 10 tantalizing recipes that will have you thirsty to try the trend. Cheers!

Do you drink wine spritzers? What kind do you make?