Sparkling Wine vs. Champagne: Do You Know the Difference?

Although we love a refreshing glass of rosé, there are some occasions that call for something a bit more celebratory—something bubbly. While buying wine is notoriously tricky, it's especially challenging when it comes to the sparkling wine versus Champagne debate.

So we tapped Bianca Bosker, a certified sommelier and the best-selling author of Cork Dork, to break it down for us. Don't be fooled by her showy sommelier status. Bosker isn't an elitist. "My motto is that wine doesn't need to be saved for special occasions; it can make occasions special," says Bosker.

Bosker's accessible approach to wine has even garnered her a cult following on Instagram for her weekly #PairDevil posts, which offer wine pairings for everyday foods. She has cheekily paired wines with everything from Bagel Bites to McDonald's Filet-o-Fish to Campbell's Tomato Soup.

We asked Bosker to spill the details on sparkling wine versus Champagne so we can walk down the wine aisle with confidence. Ahead is everything you ever wanted to know about sparkling wine, including sommelier-approved bubbly for every occasion (and budget).