Beyond Rosé—These Are the Wines We're Sipping This Spring

Updated 04/18/18
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Spring is here, ushering in cloudless skies and cherry blossom–coated sidewalks. And what pairs better with a 72-and-sunny day than a chilled glass of sippable wine? Although rosé is practically synonymous with spring, we're making the case for extending your view beyond the pink section of the wine aisle to the crisp whites, the light-bodied reds, and even the unconventional oranges.

To find out exactly which bottles we should be uncorking this spring, we asked Winc's wine director to share which varietals she's sipping on this season. "When choosing spring wines, I tend to reach for those that are refreshing, have a higher level of acidity, and are generally light in body," confesses Brooke Matthias. "I also search for wines that pair well with lighter spring fare and seasonal dishes."

Keep scrolling to shop nine wines for spring that aren't just rosé (but don't worry, as we have a couple recommendations for sweet pink wine too).

Wines for spring
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Winc 2016 Summer Water Rosé $22 $17

Character Profile: "Spring means rosé, and this grenache and syrah blend is perfect for easy drinking," says Matthias. "Summer Water is a dry rosé that's light, refreshing, and incredibly crisp."

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, pink grapefruit, white peach

Food Pairing: Oysters

Winc 2016 Les Bobos Gamay $17 $13

Character Profile: "Gamay is very similar to rosé in that it is light-bodied, food-friendly, and best while young and fresh," explains Matthias. "This example of French gamay has a mix of fruit-forward flavors and complex herbs."

Tasting Notes: Pink pepper, red cherry, rhubarb

Food Pairing: Seared salmon

Winc 2017 Cape Route Chenin Blanc $17 $13

Character Profile: "Chenin blanc is a bright and light style of wine and a perfect choice for lovers of white wine who want to try something different than your standard pinot grigio," recommends Matthias. "This South African wine is a lean style with expressive, fruity flavors."

Tasting Notes: Peach ring, pineapple, white flowers

Food Pairing: Braaibroodjie (South African barbecue sandwiches)

Winc 2016 Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon $18 $14

Character Profile: "Spring harkens in barbecue season, and this cabernet was made to be barbecue's perfect pair," says Matthias. "Petit verdot and cabernet franc add nuance to this juicy cabernet sauvignon."

Tasting Notes: Plum, red cherry, spice

Food Pairing: Barbecue ribs

Winc 2016 Diviner Sauvignon Blanc $26 $20

Character Profile: "Nothing says spring like a great bottle of sauvignon blanc," says Matthias. "This vibrant expression of sauvignon blanc crisp and lean with mineral notes—perfect for pairing with a multitude of spring dishes."

Tasting Notes: Guava, stone fruits, white flowers

Food Pairing: Arugula and goat cheese salad

Winc 2016 Field Theory Touriga Nacional $38 $29

Character Profile: "We're seeing a trend among consumers toward lighter, fresher style of wines like light-bodied reds," explains Matthias. "Winc's Field Theory project highlights curious varietals from unfamiliar places and this touriga nacional is a perfect example of a unique, light-bodied red," she says. "You'll notice fruit-forward flavors in this wine, which taste great chilled on a warm spring day."

Tasting Notes: Pink pepper, red cherry, strawberry

Food Pairing: Skirt steak

Winc 2016 Ruza Rosé Cans (3-Pack) $22 $17

Character Profile: "This light and dry direct-press rosé is bubbly with a spritzy palate and dry finish," recommends Matthias.

Tasting Notes: Rose petal, strawberry, watermelon, raspberry

Food Pairing: Lobster rolls

Winc NV Eplevin Cider $21 $17

Character Profile: "This dry cider (or apple wine as we call it) is made with a winemaker's approach, meaning thoughtfully and in small batches," explains Matthias. "Just as with grapes, picking the smallest apples often yields the highest concentration of flavors, and picking a variety of apples adds nuance and subtlety," she adds. "This effervescent cider has a great balance of fruit flavors and natural acidity with a crisp, clean finish."

Tasting Notes: Apple, lemon, pineapple, white tea, peach

Food Pairing: Burger and fries

Winc 2016 Au-Delá Tocai Friulano $42 $32

Character Profile: "This skin-contact tocai friulano is an unconventional orange wine that caters to the adventurous wine drinker," says Matthias. "It's robust, textured and reminiscent of a red wine on the palate, so it will appeal to both white and red wine drinkers."

Tasting Notes: Apricot, honey, melon

Food Pairing: Veggie curry

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