6 Winter Activities That Won't Make You Miss Summer

Updated 12/11/18
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So maybe it’s snowing out. Or maybe you’re sitting in L.A. traffic with the air conditioning on blast even though it’s December and it should be cold out. Whatever your situation, one thing is clear: It’s time to get some winter activities on our schedules ASAP. We enjoy the great outdoors, but we also have homebody tendencies, and we have a feeling you might enjoy a mix of activities as well. From a skii trip to snuggling up by the fireplace, here are the winter activities we’re participating in this winter (and the cute Eddie Bauer pieces we’ll be wearing along the way!).

1. Hit the Slopes

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Skiing trips are fun whether you like sitting in the lodge sipping on hot chocolate or heading all the way up the mountain. Try and get this trip planned with your S.O. or friends before the snow starts to melt. We’re keeping warm in this Eddie Bauer parka when we hop off the ski slopes.

2. Book a Cabin Trip

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Cabin life is the winter equivalent to being in a beach house all summer. Book a cozy, cool Airbnb in the woods (hello, Lake Tahoe or Aspen) for a weekend away. It’s an excellent opportunity to disconnect and recharge; we recommend going for a hike and really taking in all the natural beauty.

3. Finally Finishing That Book

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You started the book everyone was talking about back in June, but hey, life happened. Instead of binge-watching Friends (again), it’s time to get burrow back into the pages of that best seller. Snuggle up at home next to the fireplace under a gigantic blanket in a cozy long-sleeve knit.

4. Glamping By The Beach

Eddie Bauer Hunt Pac Mid Boot in Fabric
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If you’re ready to take a slightly more rugged route, why not give glamping a try? This winter, we’re headed to scenic Big Sur in Northern California—we love any reason for a road trip up the coast.

5. Find Your Nearest Candy Cane Lane

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Invite your best friends over and find the nearest candy cane lane you all can walk to and a brisk winter evening. Request that everyone come in their coziest outfit to layer under puffer jackets; we’ll be wearing a cardigan to stay cozy on our walk to see the lights.

6. Ice-Skating In The City

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Plan a Saturday at the ice-rink with your S.O. to brush up on your twirls or to have hot chocolate on the bleachers. Whether you're ice-skating inside or outside, layer up underneath with long sleeves that will keep you cozy. 

Need More Winter Activity Ideas?

Got more vacation days to fill? Lucky you. We just might have a few other options for your consideration…

■ Learn how to bake a pie from scratch.
■ Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a year.
■ Create a winter floral arrangement.
■ Volunteer at a food drive.
■ Spend QT with your family—even if it’s just for an hour.
■ Start journaling.
■ Join a book club.
■ Go biking on a cool morning.
■ Travel to a new city with your S.O.

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