Come Home to a Hearty Home-Cooked Meal With These 11 Winter Crockpot Recipes

crockpot is an amateur chef’s best friend. Originally manufactured as bean cookers, these appliances were marketed to busy moms who wanted to create an affordable and tender meal for their families without having to spend all their time in the kitchen. The most involved instruction that may interrupt the cook time of your dish is to stir occasionally, making this one of the most stress-free ways to prepare food. In essence, the crockpot has revolutionized contemporary cooking.

There are slow cooker recipes for everything, and we really do mean everything. As winter rolls in, the crockpot could be a pinpoint of light in a void of cold and exhaustion. When bleak weather saps your energy, you can trust these 11 winter crockpot recipes to take all the responsibility of a balanced meal and deliver it with minimal effort. Let these warm meals heat up your home and your belly.