These Winter Landscapes Will Make You Fall in Love With the Season

Updated 01/22/18

There's something beautifully disarming about a landscape enveloped in fresh snow. The sprawling, sparkling white creates a certain calm and quiet that inspires taking time to reflect and take in the wintery splendor. No matter the weather where you live, these striking photographs will make you appreciate the beauty of winter. We've rounded up some striking winter landscapes from Italy to Japan to show off everything from snow-clad evergreen forests to frosted desert cacti.

Robert Harding/500px

This quiet church in Lombardy, Italy, looks even more peaceful against a clean white snowscape with the gorgeous Alps as a backdrop.

Sakarin Sawasdinaka/500px

A garden temple in Kyoto, Japan, pops out against its serene white surroundings.

Marcus Måhlberg/500px

This little red barn makes for a picturesque hideaway on a snowy day in Örebro, Sweden.

Shawn Zimmerman/500px

An unusual snowstorm makes for an unexpected desert landscape in Arizona's Saguaro National Park.

Mark Perry/500px

A snowcapped gristmill and creek in the Midwest make for a wonderfully cozy picture.

Nitish Kumar Meena/500px

The snow-covered Cascades beg to be explored in the Pacific Northwest.

Rogier Gruys/500px

A bull elk makes a striking silhouette in the mist in Canada's Jasper National Park.

Robert Harding/500px

The village of Celerina, Switzerland, is picture-perfect when it's covered in snow.

Pasi Lepola/500px

A Finnish forest appears to have icicles for trees in this striking landscape.

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