These Are the Winter Migration Patterns of the Super Rich

One of the biggest perks of being wildly rich? Private planes. Although I've never had the pleasure of boarding a private jet, I sometimes daydream about being able to hop on a plane and head to an exotic destination.

Where would I go? Perhaps Palm Beach, Florida? USA Today recently reported on the booking records of private charter jet company Victor, and the most popular route for winter travel is from New York City to Palm Beach. Where else are the rich traveling? Read on to discover the top 10 most popular routes for private jets during the winter.

  1. New York City to Palm Beach
  2. New York City to Aspen, Colorado
  3. San Francisco to Los Cabos, Mexico
  4. Los Angeles to Vail, Colorado
  5. Houston to Aspen
  6. Los Angeles to Cancun, Mexico
  7. Los Angeles to Hawaii
  8. New York City to Paris
  9. New York City to Montréal
  10. Miami to Antigua

Whether you’re traveling by private jet or simply commercial, you’ll need to keep your laptop in a chic carrying case.

Where would you go if you had a private jet?