10 Winter Road Trips to Make You Fall in Love With America Again

The United States of America is a vast, beautiful place. The land where our country sits varies in just about every conceivable way, from topography to climate. All these rolling hills and highways and coasts, plains, and more bears witness to generations of history. The best way to really discover them all is to take a road trip.

You may be thinking, it’s wintertime—shouldn’t we wait until the summer to go driving? Hotter temperatures are not always your friend, especially when considering traveling with the family. And while there are unique difficulties on the road in the cold, it may be the only season where you can truly feel one with nature.

In the north, leaves are turning and snow lies still atop some of the most breathtaking mountain views. The desert, plains, and southern coastal regions all have their own unique draws. Not to mention the added chance that locals have dressed up their respective scenery for the holiday season, adding to the tender spirit of your journey.

Many prefer a summer vacation, but road tripping in winter will eliminate or at least improve some of the more mundane parts of the drive, namely traffic. Check out our 10 favorite winter road trips and start planning your odyssey.

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