The Winter Workout Outfits 4 Stylish Fit Girls Swear By

Updated 04/29/19
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Kait Hurley

January can prove to be a problematic time to kick-start a new fitness resolution. During the first days of the year, you're motivated to hit the gym and eat healthily, but after a few weeks of freezing weather, it can be tough to stay motivated.

Don't let the plummeting temperature deter you, though. An array of next-gen fitness brands are creating smartly constructed, warm, and stylish apparel that will make you want to work out, no matter the conditions. Ahead we tapped four women who manage to maintain their fitness routines regardless of the climate and asked them to share their go-to winter workout outfits. From lightweight gloves to ultra-flattering high-waisted leggings, their picks are proof you don't have to compromise style to stay warm. Winter workouts, we're ready for you.

Jasmine Blocker

Who: Jasmine Blocker, New Orleans

Fitness Cred: Runner and U.S. Olympic trials competitor

Outfit: "Overall, I think that looking for products that layer well is crucial. It's also important to dress as though it's about 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature, to account for the heat your body will produce while working out."

Oiselle New Quill Vest $158

"This lightweight vest keeps my core the perfectly warm and doesn't restrict my movement."

Oiselle Lux Gloves $28

"Whether I'm switching Pandora stations or checking a text from my coach, these super soft gloves make it easy with responsive fabric."

Air Zoom Pegasus 34
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 $110 $95

"The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is my go-to running shoe. It's lightweight with the perfect amount of cushion and support."

Jasmine Garnsworthy

Who: Jasmine Garnsworthy, New York/Australia

Fitness Cred: Health, beauty, and well-being writer and founder of The Buff

Outfit: "I have a workout uniform: High-waist leggings, sports bra, sneakers, and ginormous headphones. It's what I find to be most flattering and comfortable."

Neu Apparel Super High Waster Candy Goddess Leggings $42

"Wearing matching workout clothes is like pulling together a matching bra-and-underwear combination: It rarely happens, but when I manage it I feel like I've really got my act together. When looking for leggings, I like firm, suck-me-in fabrics with above-the-navel waistlines."

Athletics Propulsions Labs TechLoom Phantom Nude $165

"I've been wearing the same Nike sneakers for years, unable to really justify a new set. Until I spotted these, which were too damn cute to pass up. They look like a fashion sneaker but this pair is actually designed with function and comfort in mind for women who love cardio."

Urbanista Seattle Rose Gold Corded $69

"It took me a while to get used to cordless headphones, but now I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Why I love the Urbanista offering: This is one of the only pairs I’ve found that don't fall off when I’m running my heart out on the treadmill. Also: pink."

Danielle Cuccio

Who: Danielle Cuccio, Los Angeles

Fitness Cred: Yogi and CEO of yoga brand Cuccio Somatology

Outfit: "My go-to winter workout outfit consists of Michi Supernova Leggings, a Vie Active Holly Crop Sports Bra, and Nike Sportswear Rally Fleece Hoodie. I'm a private yoga instructor and also love hiking since we have cooler temperatures here in L.A."

Sportswear Rally
Nike Sportswear Rally $60
Nike Juvenate $85

"These are my favorite shoes ever! I have like four pairs in different colors."

Supanova Leggings
Michi Supanova Leggings $180

Who: Kait Hurley, Portland

Outfit: "I teach online workout and meditation videos, and I wish I could wear Outdoor Voices Hi-Rise Warmup leggings in every single one of them! Sometimes I do workouts barefoot—other times I'm in running or training shoes."

Outdoor Voices Warm Up Leggings $90

"These leggings feel so good, are incredibly flattering, and never give me camel-toe (I hate to bring that up, but the struggle is real on camera)."

AYTR The Hi-T $125

"This is what I throw on before and after my workout. It's so freaking soft—the fabric is always really high quality from AYR! I love this sweater because it's versatile and absolutely zero fuss."

Outdoor Voices Athena Crop $50

"This crop isn't too tight, and never cuts into my shoulders or causes tension in my upper body like other bras can do. It's rare for me to finish my workout and immediately hit the shower—I usually am in my workout gear for a few hours doing errands or running off to meetings—so longevity and comfort are key."

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