7 Winter Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Updated 09/19/19

During the warm months of summer, exercise and eating right almost come naturally. Delicious fresh fruit is in season, and the weather permits activities like swimming, hiking, and running outside. But in the winter, this lifestyle is not as easy. Cold weather calls for comfort food, and even makes getting to the gym a challenge, but finding winter workouts is not impossible.

"Fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby," says celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, whose client roster includes Carrie Underwood and Kaitlyn Bristowe. "During winter, it's even more important to eat clean and stay active so that my body is strong enough to fight off the sniffles that are everywhere during cold weather," she explains. Oprea swears by jumping rope and doing Tabata workouts (a high-intensity interval training style boasting four-minute workouts) when it's too cold out to leave the house. If you're in search of an effective full-body routine to try at home or in the gym, these winter workouts from Oprea can be done indoors, without any weights or equipment.

Lunge Pulse

a woman doing a Lunge Pulse exercise
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Go back into a reverse lunge, bringing your chest to your quad and keeping your back flat.
2. Stand up halfway, and raise your rear leg slightly off the ground.
3. Take it straight back down.

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Up-Down Planks

a woman doing an Up-Down Planks exercise
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Start in hand-plank formation.
2. Lower yourself onto your elbows, keeping your body in great plank form throughout.
3. Walk yourself back up to hand plank.

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Sumo Squat Low Jumps

a woman doing a Sumo Squat Low Jumps exercise
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Turn your toes outward at 45 degrees, and lower your body into a sumo squat.
2. Jump your feet together (staying low, never a full jump), and then jump back out to the sumo squat position.

Throughout the whole maneuver, never come out of the low squat stance. Perform 15 jumps.

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Floor Dips

a woman doing a Floor Dips exercise
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Sit on your butt, and put your hands on the ground at your side with your fingers facing your feet.
2. Bring your hips off the ground into your starting position.
3. Now, bend at your elbows, shooting them straight back.
4. Push back up to the start, and keep pulsing this way. You should feel the burn in the backs of your arms.

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Skater Hops

a woman doing a Skater Hops exercise
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Squat down on your right leg, and bend your left leg behind you at a 90-degree angle.
2. Hop into a left-leg squat, and bend your right leg behind you at a 90-degree angle.

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a woman doing Push-Ups
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Get into the plank position with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
2. Lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at 90 degrees.
3. Push back up to starting position.

Keep your core engaged the entire time. If need be, go to your knees, but keep your core engaged.

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Forward Lunge Into Reverse Lunge

a woman doing a Forward Lunge Into Reverse Lunge exercise
Courtesy of Erin Oprea

1. Take your left leg forward into a lunge, making sure to drop your right knee to just above the ground.
2. Drive through your left heel to bring yourself straight up and back into a reverse lunge, this time making sure that your left knee drops to just above the ground.
3. Drive through your right heel to come up, and repeat.

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